Scholarships for other students from the University of Sydney

Richard Blennerhassett et al

2010 Faculty of Dentistry

Report by Edward Yoo

I was the fortunate dental student to be given a scholarship to learn about dentistry and what that encompasses in Ho Chi Minh City. I was placed on clinic rotations across university student clinics, paediatric clinics and the maxillofacial hospital over the course of four weeks.

On the first day Dr Quyen had shown me around the university and introduced to countless dentists and nurses, and it was a struggle to remember all their names. I was surprised that most of the younger dentists could speak English. After the second day of observing the dentists invited me to treat some patients. All the nurses were friendly towards me and we communicated using the international FDI notation for teeth and hand motions for instruments. When the clinics were empty the nurses even trusted me to scale their teeth.