Careers and Professional Development

The medical humanities enhance your career opportunities in health care. As the healthcare workforce becomes more crowded and competitive, the medical humanities gives you an advantage as a preferred practitioner. The range of professional development outcomes from postgraduate study in Medical Humanities include enhanced professional skills in patient communication, clinical interaction and decision making, ethics and reflective practice, and enriched professional experience through attention to and exploration of the human aspects of practice.

The medical humanities is useful for constructing and maintaining good relations with colleagues, and for recreation and self-care – real assets in the pressurised demands of health care today. If you want to move into teaching, the medical humanities gives you a huge range of resources and skills to support your students and build your reputation. And if you are feeling jaded or bored, the medical humanities can revitalise your career and give you new interests and new ideas for your practice.

If you want to move out of heath care, or if you are looking for a new career, the medical humanities will help you move into professional fields around health and medicine, such as journalism, media and communications, policy development and deployment, health care administration and support programs.

Finally, a medical humanities degree is a foundation for an academic pathway in your chosen field or in the medical humanities itself. Medical humanities graduates produce high quality research during their degree and some are now undertaking PhDs and other research degrees. Around the world, Medical Humanities is a rapidly growing field of scholarship; several new programs have been funded very recently in the UK and across Asia. You can join our newsletter mailing list for information about medical humanities, and for news about upcoming conferences and positions - contact us to do so.