Welcome to a new adventure!

Our postgraduate coursework program has recently been incorporated into the Sydney School of Public Health's Bioethics Program. If you wish to pursue studies in Medical Humanities in 2013 you can now enrol in the ‘Health Humanities Pathway’ in the Masters or Graduate Diploma of Bioethics.

We have added some exciting new units of study to our offerings during the course of this restructure and we encourage you to explore this opportunity for further study by visiting the Bioethics program information page.

The Health Humanities pathway is designed for students who are interested in the broad social, cultural, historical, philosophical and ethical contexts for medicine and health care.

You may have a professional interest in medicine and healthcare - as a general practitioner, complementary or alternative medical practitioner, medical specialist, nurse, public health physician, physiotherapist, social worker or health service manager. Alternatively, you may come from a background in law, the arts, journalism, social sciences or humanities.

Email enquiries regarding potential enrolment in the Health Humanities Pathway can be directed to

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Comments from our students

Learning with students from diverse disciplinary backgrounds is a challenging and rewarding experience. Here is what students in the program have said about it.

'My study of narrative medicine has led me to review my role as a clinician. The course has the flexibility for me to work within the subject and explore current aspects of my clinical practice. I have reviewed the importance of a palliative approach in dementia care, the value of a narrative approach in caring for people with dementia, and how, in providing handover of care through the medical record, the dignity of patients is denied. I am currently exploring patient centredness in the context of the interdisciplinary team. These are two important elements in my current work as Director of Rehabilitation and Aged Care for Central Queensland Health Service District. These studies provide the opportunity to develop and describe rigorous academic frameworks that underpin my clinical work.'
Dr Beres Joyner, GP, Director of Rehabilitation and Aged Care, Central Queensland Health Service District, Rockhampton

Studying Medical humanities at Sydney has given me an exciting awareness of medical history which puts modern trends and events in a clearer perspective. Besides leading towards a Masters degree, which is now a professional requirement, it has deeply enriched my clinical practice and everyday life. I do one subject a semester, which is affordable - and great fun!
Anne Cooper
Registered Nurse, Registered Osteopath , Sydney
NSW President, Australian Osteopathic Association

I have always had an artistic side and at times felt I did not easily fit into Medicine. This year I have made the time to start a Masters in Medical Humanities and it has allowed me to explore medicine and music, art and sculpture. The history of medicine, our chosen profession, is fascinating and often gives perspective to the trials we face at work on a daily basis. I have been mixing with other artistic doctors (and artists) and this is both supportive and stimulating. I have used art and writing in teaching but now I am discovering new ways to incorporate art and humanities into teaching undergraduates and postgraduates. Finding your niche and seeing yourself as part of a bigger picture in Medicine and life is rewarding and gives much confidence in mentoring and being a role model for younger colleagues.
Dr Sue Ogle, Gerontology, Royal North Shore Hospital

I would never have read so widely without the stimulation of this course. One thing just leads on and on to others - it’s hard to know where to stop.
Professor John Hickie

The wonderful aspect of this [medical humanities] degree is its flexibility; one can choose from a wide selection of course units and also complete a unit by pursuing a specific area of interest under the supervision of a senior academic. I have had great enjoyment from the course so far and look forward to much more.
Dr Margaret Morgan

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