Assistance and general information

Studying again is usually a bit daunting at first – as is figuring out the University’s administration processes! We try to smooth your path as much as possible. On this page you will find links to administrative and support resources, as well as the timetable, location and description of units of study offered, assessment requirements, general reading to expand your background knowledge, and guides for writing and submitting essays.

Useful links

My Uni
The University of Sydney online student self-administration and information resource. You can use this website to manage your enrolment, access your University email account, log on to USYD eLearning for online units of study and access the Services for Students website.

Each student enrolled at the University of Sydney is given a UniKey account code and log-in password on their confirmation of enrolment letter. The UniKey website has links to Express Account Tools, which means that you can pay student fees, library fines, buy notes and download software.

The back page of your Enrolment Form contains information about your Unikey login, password and University email address.

Postgraduate Research Scholarships

University of Sydney libraries

Medical Humanities Subject Guide at the Unversity of Sydney library.

The Learning Centre

The Write Site

Sydney University Postgraduate Association

International Student Support Unit

Sydney Uni Sport

Services for Students

Also, please consider joining the Association for Medical Humanities to stay in touch with people with similar interests.

General Reading

A small selection of the available resources:

Medical Humanities Journal, BMJ Press. Available via Fisher Library Electronic Resources

Downie R, ed. The Healing Arts. An Oxford Illustrated Anthology. Oxford University Press, 2000. (Medical Library 808.80356 5)

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Kirklin D & Richardson R, eds. Medical Humanities: a practical introduction. London: Royal College of Physicians, 2000.

Porter R. Blood and Guts: a Short History of Medicine. Penguin, 2002.

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