Degree structure and subject choices

There is only one limiting requirement on your degree. At least 75 per cent of the credit points needed for your degree (100 per cent in the case of the graduate certificate), that is, at least

  • 24 credit points for the graduate certificate,
  • 24 credit points for the graduate diploma, and
  • 36 credit points for the master's degree

must be completed from Medical Humanities subjects (all those coded as MMHU), Bioethics subjects (all those coded BETH) and Qualitative Health Research subjects (all those coded QUAL). You can find out about what subjects the Bioethics and Qualitative Health Research programs offer by following the links for CVELiM.

Students may be exempt from this rule if

  • insufficient units are available, or
  • written permission is provided by the course co-ordinator.

Medical Humanities students may choose elective subjects from other postgraduate coursework programs across the university, with prior permission from the Medical Humanities course coordinator and the unit of study convenor.