Graduate Certificate in Medical Humanities

The Graduate Certificate can be taken over one semester full-time, or up to two years part-time. 24 credit points (4 x 6 credit points). A competency-based stream is available.

Graduate Diploma in Medical Humanities

The Graduate Diploma can be taken one year full time, or up to three years part-time. 36 credit points (6 x 6 credit points)

Master of Medical Humanities

The Master of Medical Humanities degree can be taken 1-2 years full time, 2-4 years part-time. 48 credit points (8 x 6 credit point units of study).

What You Will Study

The Graduate Certificate requires candidates to complete 4 units of study. These must be chosen from the Medical Humanities program, the Bioethics program or the Qualitative Research program (ie, those with code prefixes of MMHU, BETH or QUAL).
Candidates for the Graduate Diploma may choose one external unit of study, drawn from any department across the university, with the permission of both course coordinators. Candidates for the Masters of Medical Humanities may choose two external units of study. This is to allow students to explore and follow their individual areas of interest.

Graduate Certificate: Competency Stream

We offer a competency-based program of study at the Graduate Certificate level. This stream offers a focused program for students who wish to develop and enhance core competencies in the health care professions. Most units of study in this program are short, 2 credit point units that can be swiftly completed in 2 or 3 days at limited expense, so this program can be easily combined with a busy working life. Subjects in this program include narrative competence, therapeutic writing, spirituality and health care, dignity in health care, and reflective practice. Please discuss your interest in this program with the .