Research degrees in Medical Humanities

Please to discuss your research interests and how you can prepare for your research degree.

Entry to a research degree at CVELiM is highly competitive. This is in part because we invest a lot into our students and take care to position them well in a highly competitive academic job market. Our students are expected to produce high quality published research, undertake research methods training, and participate in the collaborative departmental community. For more information and an application package please visit CVELiM and, in the first instance, contact your preferred supervisor to express your interest and discuss your topic.

Eligible students can use a coursework program to test their preparedness for a research degree.

The research masters and doctoral degrees have two intents. One is to prepare a substantial piece of work which represents a significant contribution to the particular field of study, while the other is to train candidates in the general area of research methodology, equipping them with skills which will serve them in any area of research.

Master of Philosophy (MPhil) (Medicine) degree information.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) (Medicine) degree information.