Studying Health Humanities

“Wherever the art of medicine is loved, there is also a love of humanity” Hippocrates

We are please to announce that medical humanities has changed to Health Humanities and is now one of five pathways in the Sydney School of Public Health's Bioethics program.

The Bioethics study program will give you an understanding of the interaction between advances in biotechnology and society, the complex relationship between morality, mental health and the law, issues surrounding euthanasia and end-of life-care, human and animal research ethics, stem cell research and cloning, and even doctor-patient relationships.

The Health Humanities pathway explores the human side of healthcare. It aims to overcome the separation of clinical care from the human experience of illness through the use of concepts and analytic tools from various arts and social sciences disciplines. The medical humanities provide insight into the human condition (for example suffering, personhood and our responsibility to each other) by offering literary, historical, cultural, and alternate humanistic perspectives on illness and healthcare.

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