Medical Humanities subjects available in Semester 2, 2012

MMHU6910 Narrative, Literature and Medicine
Coordinator: Dr Estelle Noonan
When: Semester 2, weekly online or face to face discussion.

Where: Camperdown Campus for face-to-face
Note: Department permission required for enrolment.

This single semester UOS explores the connections between literature, narrative and medicine. Students will encounter and analyse the significant works of literature that concern illness, dying and healing. From Tolstoy and George Eliot to contemporary works like Jean-Dominique Bauby's "The Diving Bell and the Butterfly" and Vincent Lam's collection of short stories, "Bloodletting and Miraculous Cures", this unit of study will explore what we can learn about people's illness experiences and about the experiences of the doctors and nurses who care for them.

PSYC5012 Health Communication: Risks, Decisions
Coordinators: Professor Phyllis Butow, Psychology; , Public Health

When: August 16-20 5 day, 9-5 intensive plus online study and assessment
Where: Medical Foundation Building Auditorium

This unit of study, co-taught by the School of Psychology and the Medical Humanities Program, will consider health communication in the context of the health professional-patient relationship and in the public sphere. This unit of study seeks to develop a critical awareness of the determinants of effective communication, particularly in relation to health risks to the individual and society. The unit of study will investigate: theories of health communication, including patient centred care and shared decision making; evidence regarding the impact of good and poor communication on patient and health professional outcomes; research paradigms in this area including interaction analysis; cross-cultural communication issues in health care; risk communication in the context of informed consent to clinical trials, discussing prognosis and responding to public health risk events; and theories of risk perception and communication. The aim of this unit of study is to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the key issues related to communication in health care and health policy settings.

MMHU6902 Independent Study
Coordinator: Dr Estelle Noonan

When: At your convenience, within semester dates (March-June)
Where: off-site

Independent Study allows a student to pursue a directed course of reading and research in an area of their own choosing. This unit of study has been developed in order to give students maximum flexibility to pursue individual interests, and can be accomplished in any location and in flexible hours. Students consult the Coordinator to draw up a study plan and bibliography, and receive weekly feedback on their learning. A 5000 word essay is required as a summary of learning at the course conclusion. Many students have published these essays in peer reviewed journals. Several students may undertake the same course of study simultaneously if desired.