Research in Medical Humanities

Medical Humanities is a research-active department. Current projects include investigations into how lay people think about cancer risk, the use of ethics and evidence in obesity epidemic interventions, and exploring values in medical education and practice.

Medical Humanities has several active research students at Masters of Philosophy and PhD level, exploring subjects in all areas from arts/health to medical history. In addition we act as supervisors for medical students in Honours projects or independent study. As you will see, our students thrive and regularly publish the results of their exciting and diverse projects.

Medical Humanities will soon be offering an annual scholarship program. Each year, the Harris Scholar will undertake a small project in an aspect of the medical humanities. Two scholarship competitions – one for a medical student, one open – will be held annually and will be advertised here when available.

If you are interested in any of the projects listed above or have a project you want to pursue, please contact the Unit.