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Research at the IBJR

Bone and joint research conducted at the Kolling Institute, is developing evidence-based strategies to manage and treat these disorders through surgical and medical breakthroughs. Our team of medical researchers at the IBJR are leaders in their field, actively involved in research, from bench to bedside, including:

  • Basic research examining cell and molecular mechanisms and pathology to develop new a models of bone and joint disease;
  • Clinical trials with arthritis patients has sparked new hope, such as a cure for rheumatoid arthritis; and
  • Public health research into medical policy and process, aiming to make the health system more efficient.

Despite affecting one in eight adults, bone and joint disease research is underfunded. Arthritis occurs four times more than diabetes, however diabetes receives more than double the amount of government (NHMRC) funding.

We need your help

Our scientists and clinical researchers have achieved remarkable breakthroughs in care and treatment.

Your donation will accelerate the work of our orthopaedic surgeons, rheumatologists, scientists, engineers and other medical professionals who are working together in ongoing research, education and clinical service.

Monies raised by the Sydney Medical School Foundation for bone and joint research go directly to research and education - the majority of administrative costs and salaries are covered by the University.

How to give

You can make a one-off gift or ongoing, regular gifts or establish a bequest. Regardless of the amount, every donation (over $2) is tax deductible and helps to make a real difference.

You can make donations

To discuss philanthropic gift options and bequests please contact Rachel Love, on +61 2 9351 9351.