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Leticia Alle Deveza

Identifying subgroups of knee osteoarthritis: implications for prognosis and treatment

Systematic review, cluster analysis, subgroup analysis

David Anderson

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Optimising management of lumbar spinal stenosis

Management of Spinal conditions, Post-surgical management

Carina Blaker


Knee injury mechanisms and their association with post-traumatic osteoarthritis

Engineering design and manufacture, Control systems development and implementation, Biomechanical testing of tissues, in vivo models of post-traumatic osteoarthritis

Rachel Choi


Effects of mechanical loads on tendon properties

Engineering design and manufacture,

Biomechanical testing of tissues,

Tissue culture,

Tissue biochemistry,

Quantitative PCR

Jillian Eyles

Can clinical presentation predict response to a non-surgical chronic disease management program for hip and knee osteoarthritis?

Cohort studies,

Predictor studies,

Multivariate logistic regression modelling,

Multi-centre Randomised Controlled Trials,

Clinical data management,

Systematic reviews , Psychometric studies

Kai Fu

Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE Web based study of risk factors for pain exacerbation in hip osteoarthritis

Case-crossover Studies, Regression Analysis, Systematic Reviews

Pria Krishnasamy

Skeletal Muscle in Osteoarthritis: Role in Disease Development, Progression and Pain

Randomised Cross Over trial

Resistance Exercise

Muscle Imaging and Laboratory Analysis

Mediation Analysis


Xiaoqian Liu

Evidence based use of supplements for hand OA

systematic reviews, meta-analysis, diagnosis and treatment for common Rheumatic diseases


Nicholas Murphy

Management of femoroacetabular impingement for the prevention of hip osteoarthritis

Win Min Oo

The clinimetrics of ultrasonography in Osteoarthritis

Musculoskeletal ultrasound, clinimetric studies, systematic reviews and meta-analysis, neurorehabilitaion

Daniel Pozzobon

The impact of comorbidities in musculoskeletal pain

Cohort Studies, Systematic Reviews, Meta-Analysis, Physical Activities and Obesity

Edward Riordan

The roles of imaging and surgery in post-traumatic osteoarthritis

post-traumatic osteoarthritis, osteoarthritis imaging

Rani Sinnathurai

Determinants and impact of patient centred outcomes in psoriatic arthritis

Cohort studies, Outcome measures

Hema Urban (Umapathy)

The Inflammation of the Infrapatellar Fat Pad & Clinical Outcomes of the Knee

Observational studies, Web-based studies, Osteoarthritis, PBMC isolation, basic laboratory techniques

Heidi Williams


Quality Indicators and the Management of Osteoarthritis in Primary Care


Osteoarthritis, knee

Quality of Care


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