Murray Maxwell Biomechanics Laboratory

Head of Department

Dr. Elizabeth Clarke

Research Focus
murray maxwell lab

The Murray Maxwell Biomechanics Laboratory (MMBL) is an Engineering-based laboratory that studies the relationship between mechanical properties of body tissues and joint diseases. Key areas of research interest for us are the relationship between bone and joint loading conditions and the development of post-traumatic osteoarthritis, the effects of abnormal tendon loading on development of tendinopathy, spinal biomechanics, and the relationship between tissue property changes during growth and risk of childhood injury (in particular muscle/tendons and the spine/spinal cord). To investigate these areas we use a variety of models, ranging from human cadaveric joints to animal models and isolated tissues in culture. We also have an interest in developing imaging methods (e.g. MRI, ultrasound) to study these important issues painlessly in humans, e.g. tracking the motion of bones undergoing movement to investigate causes of joint stiffness and pain. We also collaborate with clinicians, particularly Orthopaedic Surgeons, on a wide range of research projects such as the effects of surgical technique on tendon repair strength and methods to improve bone strength (and reduce re-fractures) following removal of screws.

Funding has been received from NHMRC, ARC, the Lincoln Foundation for Bone and Joint Disease and other medical research funding organisations.

Main collaborations at the Murray Maxwell Biomechanics Laboratory are with the University of British Columbia Canada, Neuroscience Research Australia Sydney, Royal North Shore Hospital Orthopaedics, Royal North Shore Hospital Hand Surgery, Macquarie University Sydney, Sydney Orthopaedic Research Institute.