How to purchase naming rights

You may be interested in associating a name of your choice with your donation in the form of:

  • donor named laboratories
  • supporting a named research fellowship
  • the purchase of an item of equipment

This could be your name, your company's name or perhaps the name of a close relative whom you would like to commemorate.

Naming rights for a new laboratory

We have three main laboratories already funded by naming rights within the existing Institute - the Raymond Purves Bone and Joint Research Laboratories, the Murray Maxwell Biomechanics Laboratory and the Sutton Arthritis Research Laboratories.

Other laboratories of the Institute will afford new opportunities for naming rights. Such examples include the Bone Research Laboratory, the Spinal Research Laboratory, the Molecular Biology Laboratory and the Inflammation Research Laboratory. You can secure the naming rights over one of these new laboratories for the single payment of $750,000.

Plaques for equipment

Donations of over $20,000 made for the purpose of laboratory equipment would be recognised by a plaque identifying the donor placed on the equipment for its lifetime. A list of required equipment can be obtained from .

Supporting named research fellowships, scholarships and travel scholarships

Post-doctoral Fellowships and Scholarships to undertake post-graduate studies at the Institute will be established in the name of the donor. Named Fellowships require an annual donation of $120,000. Named research Scholarships will require a commitment of $35,000 pa for 3 years to enable basic scientists to complete a PhD program. The Royal Australian College of Surgeons has agreed to make available $25,000 for post-graduate training of surgeons provided the Institute can provide a matching amount from a donor. The Scholarship will be conjointly named and will require an annual donation of $25,000 for 2 years.

Need more information?

If you would like to discuss the possibility of purchasing naming rights or equipment within the Institute, please contact Professor Lyn March by telephone on +612 9926 7351.