Volunteer for a Research Project

iHOAP - Internet-based Hip OsteoArthritis Pain Exacerbation Study
An online study investigating the factors that influence hip pain.

The STrEAMline study – A Stepped Care Approach For Knee Osteoarthritis Study
A 32-week long study that investigates whether a targeted treatment strategy can improve pain and physical function in people with knee osteoarthritis.

The MIKrO Study - Microbiota In Knee Osteoarthritis
Specialists from Royal North Shore Hospital are conducting an observational study that will compare the gut microbiota composition between participants with knee osteoarthritis and their partners without osteoarthritis.

The CUBA Study – Cane Use for Knee Osteoarthritis Study
A study investigating whether reducing the force on your knee, using a special cane over time, will improve function and symptoms, such as knee pain.

ARAD - Australian Rheumatology Association Database
ARAD collects information about your arthritis and health, the medications you take, your quality of life, and information from state and federal health registries