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Do you have pain and swelling in your knee most days due to osteoarthritis?
A 12 months study, investigating a new experimental drug, ABT-981, in knee osteoarthritis patients.

iHOAP - Internet-based Hip OsteoArthritis Pain Exacerbation Study
An online study investigating the factors that influence hip pain.

The STrEAMline study – A Stepped Care Approach For Knee Osteoarthritis Study
A 32-week long study that investigates whether a targeted treatment strategy can improve pain and physical function in people with knee osteoarthritis.

The CUBA Study – Cane Use for Knee Osteoarthritis Study
A study investigating whether reducing the force on your knee, using a special cane over time, will improve function and symptoms, such as knee pain.

Do you have Osteoarthritis in at least one of your knees and have related pain?
Double-Blind, Randomized, Single-Dose Study to Assess the Safety and Efficacy of FX006 for the Treatment of Pain in Patients with Osteoarthritis of the Knee.

ARAD - Australian Rheumatology Association Database
ARAD collects information about your arthritis and health, the medications you take, your quality of life, and information from state and federal health registries

ZAP2 - A randomised trial of zoledronic acid for osteoarthritis of the knee
This study will examine a new treatment for painful knee arthritis to determine whether it will improve knee pain and slow down the progression of knee osteoarthritis.