Teaching overview

The Discipline has had the full support of Office of Medical Education (OME) to develop an imaging curriculum, traversing Radiology, Nuclear Medicine, Physics, to involve a central campus and hospital based teaching. A key resource we have generated is a digital radiology library for teaching.

We have partnered anatomy to evolve a comprehensive teaching programme, including on-campus imaging specialists's participation. A radiology-anatomy library is being developed. An ultrasound unit is now available in anatomy for teaching.

We are partnering pathology to develop an imaging to pathology library.

Stage I and Stage II Lectures

Stage I lecture programme

  • What is imaging?
  • Radiation safety
  • Radiology of upper limb
  • Radiology of lower limb
  • Imaging of back
  • Normal CXR
  • Haematology radiology
  • Radiology head and neck anatomy
  • Diagnostic and therapeutic radiology
  • Radiology of thorax

Stage II lecture programme

  • Imaging in brain
  • Radiology anatomy GIT
  • Imaging in biliary system
  • Urinary tract radiology
  • Imaging anatomy reproductive tract
  • What is ultrasound?