Sydney Medical School

As one of the Asia Pacific region's most highly rated education and research institutions, Sydney Medical School offers unparalleled opportunities to study medicine in Australia.

Our graduates play leading roles in health fields around the world and our research investigates diseases which affect millions of lives, including cancer, obesity, chronic disease and ageing, neurosciences and mental health, infectious diseases, and reproductive, maternal and child health.


Obese preschoolers have 60% higher healthcare costs

Obese preschoolers have 60% higher healthcare costs

Obese children are two to three more likely to be admitted to hospital, according to a new study on the healthcare costs of overweight preschoolers.

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Boosting Australias response to infectious disease outbreaks

Boosting our response to infectious disease outbreaks

Our researchers will partner with other leading national experts in clinical, laboratory and public health research on a $5m initiative to boost our capacity to respond to infectious diseases.

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New Radius has been released

New edition of Radius now available

Read more about the latest developments from Sydney Medical School staff, researchers and alumni in the Winter 2016 edition of Radius, now available.

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