Sydney Medical School

As one of the Asia Pacific region's most highly rated education and research institutions, Sydney Medical School offers unparalleled opportunities to study medicine in Australia.
Our graduates play leading roles in health fields around the world and our research investigates diseases which affect millions of lives, including cancer, obesity, chronic disease and ageing, neurosciences and mental health, infectious diseases, and reproductive, maternal and child health.

Latest news & events.

New insights into the causes of sudden cardiac death in the young revealed


Genetic testing has shed new light on the deaths of nearly 500 young Australians and New Zealanders who died from sudden cardiac death in a 3-year period, the New England Journal of Medicine reports today.

SAGE gender equality in STEMM

SAGE gender equality in stemm

The University of Sydney is participating in the Science in Australia Gender Equity (SAGE) pilot program and is seeking students to join the SAGE Self Assessment Team (SAT).

Teddy Bear Hospital - Medical school students give an important check-up

Medical school students at St Laurence

Medical students from School of Rural Health (SRH) in Dubbo ran their annual Teddy Bear Hospital for kindergarten students at St Laurence’s Primary School in Dubbo.

Integrated Population Medicine Program