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As one of the Asia Pacific region's most highly rated education and research institutions, Sydney Medical School offers unparalleled opportunities to study medicine in Australia.
Our graduates play leading roles in health fields around the world and our research investigates diseases which affect millions of lives, including cancer, obesity, chronic disease and ageing, neurosciences and mental health, infectious diseases, and reproductive, maternal and child health.

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MD Admissions Guide 2016 Available


The Admissions Guide for the 2016 MD program is now available. Follow the link to read about the admissions process for 2016.

NHMRC funds research for better targeting for cancer treatment

professor paul keall

The National Health and Medical Research Council has funded clinical trials of a medical device that delivers better targeted radiotherapy for people with lung, breast and abdominal cancers. the device can help deliver more effective radiotherapy to cancer patients at lower doses with better targeting. To read more please follow the link.

Motor Neuron Disease - researchers identify new group of gene suspects

ALS brain image

Researchers have identified a new host of gene variants that could make people vulnerable to sporadic motor neuron disease, according to a report published in the journal Scientific Reports. Until recently it was thought genetics played a limited role in the disease, also known as ALS, however new research may indicate otherwise. To read more and for a link to the article, follow the link.

Diet key to lifespan and fertility

high protein low carb diet

Researchers have shown for the first time in mammals that there is an ideal balance of macronutrients (protein, carbohydrates and fat) for reproduction and another, different ideal balance for increasing lifespan.

Alzheimer's disease linked to heart's effect on the brain


An alternative explanation argues that aged-related dementia has an earlier origin in the heart and vascular system, not the brain.

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