Postgraduate coursework

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Postgraduate courses in infection and immunity offer a unique opportunity for those from medical, science or allied health backgrounds to gain the latest knowledge and practical skills in the study of infectious diseases and immunology.

You will work with leaders in their fields on the pathogenesis, diagnosis, epidemiology and control of infectious diseases and the wide application of immunology to the understanding of host responses to pathogens, vaccines, auto-immunity, allergic disease and tumour immunology. The contributors to the course include laboratory and clinical microbiologists, immunologists and research scientists from university and hospital laboratories. The courses integrate basic cell and molecular biology with diagnostic testing, therapeutic strategy and public health policy.

This program is ideal for medical graduates who wish to have a modern understanding of the clinical and laboratory aspects of infectious diseases and immune related disorders; for laboratory scientists who want to increase their knowledge and skills; and for allied health workers involved in the control of infectious and immunological disorders.