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Concord Hospital

The Discipline of Medicine is the Sydney Medical School's largest clinical discipline and its diversity of staffing expertise gives the Discipline of Medicine the capacity to fulfill its mission of maintaining the highest standards of teaching and research and promoting knowledge in medicine, for the better care of the sick.

The Discipline has been a co-operative federation of multiple overlapping clinical specialties, often referred to as internal medicine, although in the Discipline of Medicine they also include medical ethics and behavioural sciences.

Most of the functions of the Discipline of Medicine have now devolved to the Clinical Schools - primarily the Central Clinical School at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, the Concord Clinical School at Concord Hospital (pictured), the Northern Clinical School at Royal North Shore Hospital, the Westmead Clinical School at Westmead Hospital and the Nepean Clinical School at Nepean Hospital in Sydney. However, members of the Discipline still have major responsibilities for the content and standards of medical education and assessment in each of the clinical disciplines. The Discipline is represented in the Schools by individual Heads, one of whom is elected as the Chair on a rotational basis.

In 2013, the Heads of Medicine are:

  • Professor David Gottlieb, Head (Westmead Clinical School) and Acting Chair of the Executive
  • Professor Warwick Britton, Head (Central Clinical School)
  • Professor Mark Cooper, Head (Concord Clinical School)
  • Associate Professor John Kellow, Head (Northern Clinical School)
  • Professor Jack Wall, Head (Nepean Clinical School)