Teaching in Medicine

Bedside Teaching

The Discipline of Medicine as a whole plays a major role in curriculum delivery, curriculum review and assessment of the Medical Program at the University of Sydney. Each major clinical specialty is represented by a Section Co-ordinator who appoints co-ordinators in each clinical site to assist in this role. The Medical Program is a four-year, graduate entry course leading to the award of the degrees of Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery, and is designed to enable students to learn in a way that resembles the practice of medicine. Problem-based learning and early clinical experience both ensure that the context and relevance of the program are clear.

Members of the Discipline also substantially contribute to other specific areas of teaching, namely undergraduate science students and postgraduate research students, as well as the preparation for internship course at the conclusion of the Graduate Medical Program.

For more information about teaching in the Graduate Medical Program, see the Clinical Education Centres at the Central Clinical School at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, the Concord Clinical School at Concord Hospital, the Northern Clinical School at Royal North Shore Hospital, the Western Clinical School at Westmead Hospital and the Nepean Clinical School at Nepean Hospital