Postgraduate study

Students wishing to undertake a research degree (PhD, Masters or MPhil) in the School, in the Disciplines of Anatomy and Histology, Pathology, Pharmacology or Physiology are enrolled through the Sydney Medical School.

The School of Medical Sciences currently has more than 60 active research laboratories, which collectively form the Bosch Institute. All students, including Honours, Masters and PhD candidates as well as postdoctoral fellows who are undertaking their research in one of the Bosch Laboratories are automatically recognised as a Bosch Young Investigator.

For more information, peruse the projects on offer in our labs via the Research Supervisor Connect website.

Doctor of Philosophy (PhD)

Candidates for the degree must be graduates with a good honours degree, with demonstrated ability to do research. The PhD degree is by research, carried out under the supervision of a member of academic staff. When appropriate, an associate supervisor with specific expertise is appointed to assist with the candidature. The minimum length of a full-time PhD candidature is 3 years with a maximum of 5 years. Part-time candidates are required to devote a minimum of 20 hours per week to their research and have a maximum period of 7 years to complete the degree.

Master of Philosophy (MPhil)

This research degree is open to non-medical graduates. The MPhil degree is administered by the Faculty of Medicine. Enrolment into this degree is dependent on a good honours degree, or a graduate diploma, but exceptions apply (see Postgraduate Coordinator for details). The minimum full-time candidature is one year with a maximum of 2 years. Part-time candidates have a maximum of 4 years.

Graduate Diploma

Candidates for the graduate diploma must possess a good pass degree with a major in Anatomy and Histology. The program for the graduate diploma is similar to that of the science degree honours by research. It can be completed in 1 year full-time or 2 years part-time.

If you require further information regarding higher degree research studies, please contact any one of the following:

Primary Postgraduate Coordinator (School of Medical Sciences)
A/Prof. Frank J. Lovicu

Deputy Postgraduate Coordinators (School of Medical Sciences)
A/Prof Paul Witting
A/Prof Renae Ryan
A/Prof Fazlul Huq
Dr. Margot Day