The disciplines of the SMS, offer undergraduate research candidature to Honours students through the Faculties of Science and Arts. These courses are undertaken either within a specific discipline, such as Anatomy & Histology, Physiology, Pharmacology and Pathology, or externally in any Research Institute or Clinical School associated with these disciplines (in particular those affiliated with the Bosch Institute). Each research project is under the supervision of a member of academic staff from the School and, in the case of external candidates, in association with a supervisor from the laboratory where the work will be performed.

The primary objectives of an Honours year are to

  • Train undergraduate research students in the methodologies, skills, conventions and ethics of science
  • Promote links between basic science, the disciplines of the School of Medical Science and clinical medicine
  • Prepare students for postgraduate studies
  • Foster a broadly based interest in science among graduates of the University
  • Conduct high quality research in an environment of intellectual freedom and equal opportunity
  • Encourage research students to publish their results in high quality journals
  • Provide a safe working environment for students and to ensure that they learn safe laboratory practices

To enrol in a BSc/BMedSc Honours or equivalent degree, the Faculty requires that students must have obtained a WAM of 65 or greater, and have approached a supervisor who has agreed to undertake supervision of the nominated project. Students not meeting this criterion may consult the Honours Coordinator to discuss the possibility of entry.

Honours Coordinators

The Honours coordinators for the respective disciplines of the SMS are as follows:

Anatomy & Histology

Associate Professor Frank. J. Lovicu ()

Biomedical Sciences

Dr Alan Freeman ()


Dr Stephen Assinder ()


Associate Professor Brett Hambly ()


Prof Robert Vandenberg ()