Melanoma Biology

The biological approach involves finding and then controlling how tumours proliferate. Researchers know there are specific mechanisms involved, but they are poorly understood. A dedicated person, a Professor of Melanoma Biology, will head a team of research staff seeking a breakthrough via molecular biology.

The Professor of Melanoma Biology is responsible for conducting a broad range of biological research programs. The Professor in Melanoma Biology carries out laboratory studies on the molecular biology of melanoma related to the causation, diagnosis, progression and treatment of melanoma and investigates the role of immune responses in the initiation and progression of melanoma. In association with other University research and clinical staff, the Professor of Melanoma Biology also undertakes translational research, in association with the Professor of Melanoma Oncology, in human melanoma to improve results from existing treatments, to develop new treatments, and to assist in the conduct of industry-sponsored and investigator-driven clinical trials in melanoma.

The Professor also assists in the clinical management of patients involved in clinical trials and participates as appropriate in national and international networks and organisations involved in improving the management of melanoma. The Professor also plays a major role in the training of graduate and postgraduate students in research on the biology of melanoma related to causation, progression and treatment of melanoma.

The Foundation hopes that a Professor in Melanoma Biology will be appointed by early 2011.