Melanoma oncology

The clinical approach is based on detecting and removing all melanoma cells at the earliest possible time, which is being done by a team of researchers and academics under the leadership and supervision of the Professor of Melanoma Oncology, Professor John Thompson.

The Melanoma Foundation currently provides salary and research support for the Professor of Melanoma Oncology. With this support, the position oversees developments in the diagnosis and management of melanoma, including all aspects of melanoma care and clinical research.

The Professor of Melanoma Oncology leads a team of clinical researchers, and conducts local and international trials of new therapies, new systems of patient management and programs to assess adequately the outcomes of melanoma therapy both in Australia and overseas. The Professor also takes an active role in the clinical management of people who develop melanoma.

Professor Thompson has a major role in the training of clinicians for optimal management of melanoma patients, and young researchers developing skills in clinical research. He is actively involved in clinical activities, and also in teaching and curriculum development for medical undergraduates, hospital residents and surgical trainees through the Discipline of Surgery of the University of Sydney.