Welcome to Sydney Medical School - Nepean

Professor Michael Peek

The School is centred at Nepean Hospital and is one of the eight Clinical Schools of the University of Sydney. Since becoming a teaching hospital of the University of Sydney in 1992, Nepean Hospital experiences continued growth in its teaching and research. It became an independent Clinical School in 2006. The school presently is able to support over 50 students in each of the four years of the course. With its relatively high patient load in comparison to the student population, Nepean is able to provide invaluable learning opportunities for attending medical students.

Research endeavours on campus are particularly strong in the areas of Critical Care Medicine, Endocrinology, Gastroenterology, Geriatric Medicine, Haematology, Perinatal Medicine and Surgery. Our researchers participate in nationally and internationally funded research.

Amongst students, Nepean is credited for its excellent administrative and academic support. The Nepean campus also has close ties with the Rural Schools of the University of Sydney, with many of the teachers helping and teaching rural students.

The mission of the Faculty of Medicine is to provide academic leadership to ensure progress in the advancement of knowledge, the promotion of health, and the care of the sick. In doing this, the Faculty will contribute to the acquisition, expansion, and transmission of relevant knowledge on health, medicine, and the biosciences through research, teaching, and clinical and community service. It will achieve this through the recruitment and retention of optimal numbers of staff and students of outstanding quality.

Pictured: Professor Michael Peek