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2016 Nepean Clinical School Research Day Awards

2016 Nepean Clinical School Research Day Awards

Australian Awards for University Teaching 2016 Citations for Outstanding Contributions to Student Learning

Congratulations to Dr Stuart Lane and to the Nepean Clinical School team of Associate Professor Emily Hibbert, Professor Tim Lambert and Ms Sarah Whereat who received citations for outstanding contributions to student learning.


Dr Andrew Lane
For creating and fostering a cultural environment that enhances learning, by inspiring medical
students to develop cognitive resilience and collegiate critical reflection for professional practice.


Nepean Clinical School Team: Associate Professor Emily Hibbert, Professor Tim Lambert and Ms Sarah Whereat
For developing and implementing a transferable, time efficient educational strategy that enables health students to rapidly attain competence in clinical endocrinology.

The 2016 Nepean Hospital Quality Award as a Category Winner “Patients as Partners”


The team being presented by Ms. Kay Hyman: Dr Denise Milicevic,Mr Brian Skepper,Ms Mani Wisvasam and Dr Vlasios Brakoulias

The Academic Department of Psychiatry at Nepean in collaboration with the Nepean Anxiety Disorders Clinic has developed an innovative group treatment programme for hoarding disorder. This programme has received the 2016 Quality Award as a Category Winner “Patients as Partners” from the Nepean Blue Mountains Local Health District. The recipients of this award from the Academic Department of Psychiatry are Associate Professor Vladan Starcevic, Dr Vlasios Brakoulias and Ms Mani Wisvasam.

PRSS Travel Grant Recipient - Farah Al-Ansari


Farah Al-Ansari

Farah Al-Ansari presented part of her PhD project work that has been conducted under the supervision of Professor Jack Wall at the International Congress of Immunology (ICI2016) in Melbourne in August this year.
International Congress of Immunology (ICI2016)
I presented part of my PhD project work that has been conducted under the supervision of Professor Jack Wall at the International Congress of Immunology (ICI2016) in Melbourne in August this year.

International Congress of Immunology (ICI2016)
ICI2016 was an intensive congress that gathered international Immunologists, early carrier researchers and PhD students under one roof to share their most recent findings and discuss the future direction of Immunological research. The respected international delegates and presenters were from broad areas of Immunology, from cellular interactions to the detailed genetics. It was a great opportunity to share our study, attend studies presented directly from renowned authors and meet prominent researchers such as the Nobel prize award winner in medicine, Professor Peter Doherty.

Our study
Our poster entitled "The role of CD8+ T regulatory cells in the development of Autoimmune Thyroid Diseases (AITD) and Thyroid Eye Disease (TED)", addressed new insights into the role of a subset of regulatory T cells that have not yet been looked at intensively. Our data suggests an upregulation in the percentage of these cells within the thyroid compared to the peripheral blood of AITD patients in comparison to controls. This upregulation is interestingly more prominent in the thyroid of TED patients. Functional assays are being conducted in our lab in order to clarify these observations. Understanding the mechanisms underlying the development of these diseases would aid in the implementation of future immune based therapies to improve the conditions.

I acknowledge the postgraduate research award scheme (PRSS) at the University of Sydney for awarding me a travel grant to help in my attendance and participation at the ICI2016.

The 2016 Sydney Medical School Award for Exceptional Performance by Professional Staff


Tegan and Dr Louise Cole

This award went to Tegan Bellamy , Administrative Officer for the Nepean Clinical School Building.
Tegan has been a valued employee of Nepean Clinical School for 8 years. Over this time, she has expanded her original role to include managing building access and maintenance for the Clinical School Building to ensure the smooth and safe running of the school. She is responsible for developing relationships with hospital and community groups and ensuring their experience with the Clinical School is a positive and ongoing one.

The 2015 SMSN Tutor Awards


Our Tutor Awards Presentation was held on Wednesday 9th December.
We would like to thank all our hard working tutors.
We and our students are very fortunate to have so many dedicated teachers.

We added a new award this year - "Early Career Teaching Award"

This award was presented to: Dr Doruk Seyfi in recognition and appreciation of his ongoing enthusiasm for student education

2015 SMSN Tutor Awards

The 2015 Annual Nepean Scientific Day Awards

NBMLHD Scientific Day Prizes for 2015

The NMRF Grant Recipients for 2015

The Isobel Corin Travel Grant Recipients for 2015

The SMS Outstanding Teaching Award

The Stage 2 Endocrine Block Teaching at Nepean and Concord Clinical Schools for the 2015 Sydney Medical School Award for Outstanding Teaching has been given to Associate Professor Emily Hibbert, Ms Sarah Whereat and Tim Lambert (Concord)

NSW Health Awards

Customer Service

Winner: Dr Doruk Seyfi, Thoracic Surgical Registrar (Surgery, Nepean Clinical School Graduate)
2nd Runner Up: Vicki Riley, Administrative Officer Department of Psychiatry (Nepean) Teamwork



2nd Runner Up: Professor Gustavo Duque, Consultant Geriatrician - Professor of Medicine, Nepean Geriatric Medicine Leadership and Management:
For: “Translating Musculoskeletal research into practice”
Watch the @boneresearch team talk about their Quality Award-winning #research

2014 Scientific Day Awards

Congratulations to all theScientific Day Award Recipients and the NMRF Grant Recipients!

See the full list:
2014 Scientific Day Awards

2014 NMRF Grant Recipients

2013 Nepean Clinical School Tutor awards

2013 SMSN Tutor Awards

Photos of the Tutor Award Winners

2103 NMRF Scientific Day Awards

2013 Scientific Grant Winners
It was with pleasure that President Gwen McMaster-Fay, Vice-President Steve Welsh and Council Members of the Nepean Medical Research Foundation attended the Annual Scientific Day at the Nepean Clinical School on 8th November 2013. The continued generosity of our local Philanthropists, Service clubs and Community members has once again allowed the Nepean Medical Research Foundation to provide $106,780 for local Medical Research.

2013 NMRF Winning Grant Recipients

2013 NMRF Winning Grant Recipients

Summer Student Award


L-R A/P Eslick (Supervisor), Allison and Susan Dowd(coordinator)

We congratulate Allison Grech for being a finalist for the Deans Award for her Summer Scholarship project entitled"Hormones and the Risk of Barrett's Oesophagus and Oesophageal Cancer: A Meta-analysis” in the discipline of surgery under the supervision of Associate Professor Guy Eslick.
This is a great achievement to be selected from 80 students. Well Done!