Nepean Medical Research Fund

Mission Statement

The purpose of the Fund is to foster growth of medical
research with the knowledge that
today's research is tomorrow's treatment.

The Nepean Medical Research Fund (NMRF, previously a foundation) was established to support medical research and scholarship conducted by the doctors and research teams at Sydney Medical School Nepean, located at Nepean Hospital. It is a fund within the Sydney Medical School Foundation at the University of Sydney, which is Australia’s first university and in the top one percent of research universities in the world, bringing world-class research to the people of Nepean and beyond.

Funding Innovative Research

The Nepean Medical Research Fund has contributed over $1.8 million for clinical research grants and research equipment at Nepean. The impact of funds raised for medical research and scholarship at Sydney Medical School Nepean include:

  • Research projects investigating the causes and treatment of diseases affecting the population that is served by Nepean Hospital and the greater community at large;
  • Improvements in patient care and community health through new methods of preventing and treating diseases; and
  • Expanded research activities at Sydney Medical School Nepean which lead to more local jobs and the advancement of the Nepean school campus and facilities.

All monies raised for the NMRF go to support medical research and education Sydney Medical School Nepean and are used for the purposes in which the donor intended and by being a Sydney University fund it is protected by its Senate and Constitution.

NMRF donors, Nepean Philanthropists, include large corporations, local businesses and individuals from Penrith and beyond, and we thank them for their long term support. If you wish to bequest or donate or make an enquiry, please contact us.