What We Do

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Sydney Medical School Nepean is a clinical school of The University of Sydney, training students from Years 1 - 4 to become doctors. The School also has a broad interest in research, covering many areas of medicine.

Professor Michael Peek, Associate Dean and Head of School, and his team work closely with the Nepean Medical Research Fund ensuring that the innovative research taking place at Nepean moves forward and keeps up with research taking place both locally and internationally. There are now over 100 researchers conducting research at Nepean Hospital in a variety of areas.

We are also very proud that the Sydney Medical School Nepean is now able to attract leading researchers from around the world to continue their research in our community.

Some of the areas of research include:

  • Cancer
  • Pregnancy disorders
  • Newborn diseases
  • Diabetes
  • Surgery
  • Thyroid disease
  • Drug addiction
  • Mental health
  • Infectious disease
  • Stem cell research
  • Neurological disorders
  • Problems of the critically ill
  • Bone disease in the elderly
  • Digestive tract disease
  • Medical education

Real world research achieving real world results

"My Journey" by Robyn Caughlin

"My Journey" by Robyn Caughlin

There is currently a range of different research being conducted at Sydney Medical School Nepean that has real world benefit.

Our Council is composed of both academics and community members who focus on our charter of funding research that is both scientifically interesting as well as of benefit to the community at large.

For the Fund's work to continue we need the support of our community. The Nepean region is unique in its ability to get behind local initiatives. You can be proud that research funded by the Fund is carried out right here at Sydney Medical School Nepean, creating jobs and opportunities for your community.

How You Can Get Involved

The Fund is run by community council members and welcomes expressions of interest for these positions. If you feel you have the time and the passion to get involved, contact the Fund on + 61 2 9036 9030 or email .

Just as importantly, research costs money. We have a very successful track record in generating community funds to allow us to make considerable grants to medical research being conducted at the Sydney Medical School Nepean. There are three main ways you can financially assist the Nepean Medical Research Fund.


Donations can be made by individuals, corporate organisations and service groups to help fund research and other equipment. No matter how large or small each donation does make an important difference.


Your hard work can live on, through a gift in your will to the Fund. This will ensure that our research can continue into life threatening illnesses and medical treatments that can help future generations.

Nepean Philanthropist

For businesses or inclined individuals, we would graciously welcome your long term commitment to the Fund.

The five year commitment that you make via this program secures long term outcomes for the Fund and allows us to focus our efforts on funding research, not raising funds.