Annual Scientific Day Grant Recipient Winners for Research & Equipment Funding - 2010

Grant Recipients for 2010:

  • Surgical repair of levator trauma
    Professor H Dietz
  • Epidemiology, risk factors and outcomes of acute pancratitis in Western Sydney
    Associate Professor GD Eslick and Professor MR Cox
  • The P2X7 receptor in the control of human T cell cytokine production
    Dr L Stokes
  • Nicotine induced foetal growth restriction: is it related to changes in endocrine pancreatic function?
    Dr A Poulton
  • What factors are important in the learning and teaching of professional values, related to open disclosure communication
    following medication error?

    Dr AS Lane and Professor AS McLean
  • Genomic and proteomic study of interferon-inducible protein in human leukocytes
    Dr B Tang
  • The role of osteocalcin in lipid and glucose metabolism
    Associate Professor MH Herrman and Associate Professor Gustavo Duque