Annual Scientific Day Grant Recipient Winners for Research & Equipment Funding - 2011

Grant Recipients for 2011:

  • Effects of vitamin D in the management of childhood atopic dermatitis on T regulatory cells
    Dr B Nanan
  • Association between fetal thymus growth and fetal immunological parameters
    Ms A E Quinton
  • Influence of coronary artery disease on the blood levels of circulating cardiac related microRNAs
    Dr SH Huang
  • Bone densitometer for clinical studies at Sydney Medical School Nepean Campus
    Dr O Demontiero
  • Is human epidermal growth factor receptor 2 (HER2) a potential new prognostic marker and novel therapeutic target for
    oesophageal cancer

    Associate Professor GD Eslick and Professor MR Cox
  • Development of a new biomarker for the diagnosis of frailty in older persons – the Nepean osteoporosis and frailty (NOF) study
    Dr C Vidal
  • Comparison of the diagnostic performance of serum levels of cardiac related microRNAs and troponin T in detecting acute
    myocardial injury in critically ill patients admitted to intensive care unit

    Professor A McLean
  • Study of the differential expession of P2X7 splice variants in normal B cells and chronic lymphocytic leukaemia cells
    Dr S Fuller and Ms K Skarratt