Dr Faraz Pathan

Dr Pathan is a “Cardiologist (cardiovascular imaging specialist with significant experience across 3 cardiovascular imaging domains: Echocardiography, Cardiac CT and Cardiac Magnetic Resonance).
He is head of Cardiac Imaging in the department of Cardiology, Nepean Hospital.
Dr Pathan has been active in clinical research for the last 5 years. Currently completing his PhD Thesis on the “Role of cardiac imaging in managing cardiovascular epidemics (focused on heart failure and atrial fibrillation)".

Research Interests

Research Interests include:
myocardial mechanics
diastolic dysfunction
heart failure
cardiac magnetic resonance and
quality control/ appropriate use of cardiac imaging

Contact details

Phone numbers: 47342599, 4734 3440
Fax: Cardiology (4734 3066)