Research Staff

Associate Professor Stephen Fuller - Head of Academic Haematology / Deputy Postgraduate Coordinator , Sub-Dean Early Career Research and MD Program Coordinator, Nepean

Ms. Kristen Skarratt - Research Assistant

Associate Professor Stephen Fuller


Head of Academic Haematology

Stephen is a Clinical Haematologist at Nepean Hospital and is responsible for investigating and treating outpatients and inpatients with a range of malignant and non-malignant Haematological disorders. In addition to Clinical Haematology, Stephen is qualified in Laboratory Haematology and is the Head of the Flow Cytometry Service at Nepean.
Stephen is the senior Haematology academic at Sydney Medical School, Nepean and is University Chair of Haematology, Stage1, Block 4, Teaching.

Research Interests

  • Biology of the ATP-gated, cation-selective, P2X7 receptor and significance to human infectious, malignant and autoimmune diseases.
  • The genetics of chronic lymphocytic leukaemia.

PhD and Masters Projects:

  1. P2X7 receptor splice variants: molecular and functional studies.
  2. P2X7 receptor :role in inflammation and the tumour environment.
  3. P2X7 receptor and innate immunity: role in host-response to infection with intracellular pathogens.
  4. Chronic lymphocytic leukaemia: genetic association studies and familial linkage studies.

MD Program Projects:

  1. Clinical audit
  2. Blood Bank audit
  3. Genetic studies in acute and chronic leukaemias

Associate Professor Stephen J. Fuller
Phone: +61 2 4734 4278