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Developments in research at Sydney Medical School at Nepean have expanded at an exciting pace since Nepean became a teaching hospital of the University of Sydney in 1992.

Research areas of particular interest are Haematology, Endocrinology, Gastrointestinal medicine, Critical Care medicine, Women's and Child's Health Maternal Foetal medicine, Psychological medicine, Geriatrics and Aging Bone Research, Neurology, and Surgery. Our researchers participate in nationally and internationally funded research and have attracted a number of new academic appointments in the last few years.

Nepean Clinical School also offers the option of doing a research project in all of our areas of research and welcomes any inquiries of interest.


Sub-Dean Research: Professor Ralph Nanan

Research and Honours Support Officer : Susan Dowd

Postgraduate Support Officer :Maree Yabsley

2013 Nepean Annual Scientific Day - Friday 8th November

This year's Nepean Scientific Day was organised by the Discipline of Medicine and the Ageing Bone Research Program (Ageing Research Program ) at Sydney Medical School Nepean, in collaboration with the Discipline of Medicine at Nepean Hospital (Penrith).
2013 Nepean Annual Scientific Day Program

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Sydney Medical School Nepean

Nepean Clinical School Research Fair 2013

2013 Nepean Research Fair

Our Inaugural Research Fair highlighted research opportunities at Nepean Clinical School with presentations from our Researchers, Postgraduate students and Honours students.
Our guest speaker on the day was Professor Jillian Kril, Associate Dean Postgraduate Research discussing “Research Opportunities in Medicine”

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Nepean Clinical School Research Fair 2013

Nepean Clinical School Research Fair 2013 Program

Visiting Scholars

Alejandro Patillo - Chile

Michelle Severino - Philippines

Pakeeza Alam - USA

Anna Liza C.Salita - Philippines

Li Tan - China

Dawn Chia - Singapore

Dr Morounfolu Thompson - UK

Dr Gerda Trutnovsky - Austria

Anna Pilzek - USA

Dr Diyana Docheva - Canada

Professor Gomez Montes (Fercho) - Colombia

Dr Kelly Hankins - USA

Independent Learning Activities

My ILA at Nepean
I am undertaking my Independent Learning Activity (ILA) with the Aging Bone Research department at Nepean Hospital. With a background in science, but no history of laboratory work, I chose this particular project to give me experience performing research in a laboratory setting. When I started I had no particular destination in mind, however, I felt this was a good opportunity to gain an understanding of what research entails. If I decide to undertake further research later on (honours, PHD), this experience will be invaluable.
I have enjoyed my time in the laboratory immensely. Everybody in the research department has been generous with their time and knowledge, creating a friendly atmosphere. I would definitely recommend this ILA to anybody wishing to experience lab work and research, or even for people who just want to become more familiar with the hospital.


Chris Brooks