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The Discipline of Medical Imaging at Nepean Campus is officially established in 2014. We aim to, through education and research, promote the appropriate use of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine/PET in modern investigation and management of patients. This is a specialty that is at the forefront of new technologies, which requires in-depth knowledge of basic sciences (particularly anatomy, physics and pathology) that is fundamental to the study of medicine. In recent years, the improvement in Ultrasound, CT, MRI, SPECT and PET scanners have enabled more precise diagnoses by incorporating both anatomical and functional information in the acquired images. The emerging field of Molecular Imaging is revolutionising the way diseases are being diagnosed and aiding personalised therapy which is another important area of the Discipline of Medical Imaging. Many radiological interventional procedures are now available to patients and referring physicians for more precise and less invasive treatment. There is also increasing use of radionuclide therapies in a wide range of diseases including cancer, arthritis and thyroid disorders.

There are many collaborating research projects being conducted between Medical Imaging and other Specialties at Nepean Campus. There is also an active teaching program for advanced trainees (in both Radiology and Nuclear Medicine/PET) and medical students (both local and international). We also have regular weekly subspecialty/MDT meetings that are open to all residents and interns to attend.

Dr Han Loh heads the Discipline and is dual trained in both Radiology and Nuclear Medicine/PET.

Dr Piers Dugdale has keen interest in informatics, in its application to the field of Medical Imaging.

Dr Pramod Phadke plays a key role in training the next generation of Medical Imaging Specialists, and in educating the clinicians and medical students with his vast radiology knowledge and experience.

Dr Joga Chaganti is highly skilled in interventional radiological procedures.

Dr Robert Mansberg has special interest in Radionuclide therapies and Cardiac Imaging, and is the Chairman of ANZCTCA accreditation committee for CT Coronary Angiogram.

Dr Diep Nguyen plays an active role in partnership with key global supply companies, bringing in a wealth of private practice knowledge and experience to this Discipline.

Dr Chuong Bui has co-authored several textbooks in Nuclear Medicine and PET, heads the field of PET Imaging.


Phone : 47343192