The Mentors Program

2014 will be the fifth year of the Student Mentor Scheme.
I did survey the students recently and was delighted to find that overall there was a very positive impression of the scheme and with many findings are very welcoming.
I believe for those mentors that are actively involved it has also been a rewarding process. Naturally there is a broad spectrum of replies but I hope that the Student Mentor Scheme will continue to grow and be an important part of the Nepean Campus.

Student Mentor Dinner

The Student Mentor dinner this year will be on:
Date: Friday, March 28th 2014.
Time: 7:00 PM.
Venue: El Phoenician Restaurant, 328 Church Street, Parramatta
Speaker: Prof John Cartmill


Patients and Teachers

The Patients as Teachers Program at Nepean will provide information to both patients who are considering joining the Program, and to their doctors.

This page is currently being designed.

Contact for this program is:
Endocrinology Associate Professor : Emily Hibbert


Associate Professor Emily Hibbert

Our Annual Nepean Tutor Awards, 12th Dec 2013

Our Annual Tutor Awards were held on the 12th Dec 2013 included those voted by students and special discipline awards.

2013 SMSN Tutor Awards

Photos of the Tutor Award Winners

Tuesday GP Talks

The “Tuesday Talks” were an initiative of the Discipline of General Practice.
The main concept was twofold:
The first purpose was to have high profile speakers address topics which will broaden the perspective of students and the medical profession.
It was a great pleasure to have the talks attended by the broader community as the sessions were open to all.

The second purpose was to provide the opportunity for GP Registrars to be involved with the University. Too often presentation skills learned during training are lost for the lack of the chance to present interesting cases and interesting conditions.

GP TuesdayTalks.pdf