Policies on short term overseas elective students

Short-term electives at Sydney Medical School Nepean are usually 4 to 8 weeks in length. The experience is “elective” in that it does not fulfil requirements in the student’s own course for experience in a specific discipline.

For these students, the following conditions apply:

  • Acceptance of applications for elective terms by the clinical schools is at the discretion of the lHead of School, subject to load and other local considerations.
  • Most time is spent in a ward or clinical attachment, usually in association with senior students doing their Integrated Clinical Attachments. However, elective students may attend large-group teaching sessions such as lectures. Elective students do not normally participate in small group sessions such as Problem Based Learning tutorials, Community and Doctor or Personal and professional Development theme sessions, or specifically organized Patient and Doctor tutorials around the bedside.
  • Internet access for the purpose of using email (via a web browser) is provided, but a local email account and password access to the Sydney Medical Program website is not made available. Elective students may use computers in the clinical school precinct or the hospital library.
  • Access to teaching sessions in the Clinical Skills Centre is at the discretion of the supervisor of the facility, and subject to space and availability of equipment.
  • Participation in clinical assessment is subject to the discretion of the Associate Dean of the Medical school.
  • The faculty will not sign the forms provided by studentscertifying that they have the "same rights and responsibilities as students from this University" however, we will sign the form stating that the student has had the same practical and clinical training as medical students of the University"
  • If your University does not accept this ststement, please do not submit your application.
  • Travel concessions are not available ( NSW Government policy).
  • Accommodation arrangements are subject to Medical School rules and availability.