Studying at Nepean

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Sydney Medical School Nepean provides excellent conditions for learning. The administrative staff and the clinical tutors provide a friendly atmosphere and are flexible and supportive in their approach to your studies.

You can be assured of seeing many interesting cases, owing at least in part to efforts made by staff finding patients well-suited to the problem of the week. A high patient-to-student ratio makes it easier to find a patient when you want to practice clinical skills outside of class.

The hospital itself is quite new, and a comfortable place to work. The library is well equipped and makes the most of a stunning view of the mountains which you can gaze at while you get your head around the finer points of a case.

Nepean's supportive working environment makes for high student morale which is highly contagious.

2016 Graduation Day!


Graduation Bowling Night

Graduation Bowling Night 2016.ppt

Last Teaching Day for 2013 Cohort


"Finishing four years of medical school was no easy task but we did it ! The friendships and memories made together will be remembered for many years to come. Thanks to the excellent tutors and staff at the clinical school who have been so generous guiding us to the finish line. Class of 2016 Nepean Clinical School"

Patricia Alphonse on behalf of our year

Welcome to 2016 Nepean Students!

2016 Stage 1 Orientation Day


2016 Stage 1 students and staff

This year’s Stage 1 students started at Nepean on February 3rd, with another successful Orientation Day, and they’ll be here most Mondays and Wednesdays all year until November. We combined the hospital orientation into the one day, with short talks, tours, a BBQ lunch and teaching activities inculcating them in a whirlwind fashion as to how hospitals run.
I greatly appreciate the input and expertise of our guest speakers from Hospital Security, Risk Management, Fire Safety and Awareness and Infection Control, as well as the goodwill and hard work by our University staff for tours, preparation of lunch and teaching.
I’m also delighted to have had the honour of introducing our new Associate Dean and Head of School, Associate Professor Stephen Fuller, to welcome the students.

Current President Nicholas Barry addressed the students on behalf of the Nepean Medical Student Society (NMSS), commencing with this (and I hope he can forgive my paraphrasing; I should have taken notes):
“How many of you put Nepean as your first choice for Clinical School?”
-Smattering of hands from the audience…
“Well for those who did not, that’s the best luck you’ve ever had right there, being allocated here… three points for you to remember, my three H’s:
Home – this Clinical School Building will be like home to you
Hospital- get to know it and get over there
Helicopter- because I needed another “H” and the helicopter pad is really cool, right across the road.”
-Nicholas Barry

Just an example of the intellect and good humour in which Nepean students specialise. I know you will all make the newest Stage 1 students very welcome, and continue to build on our landmark culture within our School.

-Narelle Brown
Clinical Skills Educator and Stage 1 Coordinator Nepean.

Stage 3 Orientation Day


We welcome all our Stage 3 students to full time here at Nepean Clinical School

Student Awards 2015

Two students from Nepean -Andrew Wallace and Namraj Goire recently represented SMS in the SIMPIC competition in Bangkok.

The following Nepean students have been awarded the NMA Student Elective Scholarships valued at $1000 each:
Melissa Smith,
Aric Johnson and Siobhan Hensey (shared award)

The following have been awarded Nepean Private Hospital Student Elective Scholarships valued at $1000 each:
Wiraaj Agnihotri
Jeff Forest

Siriraj International Medical Microbiology, Parasitology and Immunology Competition (SIMPIC) in Bangkok


Andrew Wallace


Namraj Goire

A team of four Sydney Medical School medical students recently represented the faculty in the 4th Siriraj International Medical Microbiology, Parasitology and Immunology Competition (SIMPIC) in Bangkok between 30th January to 2nd February 2015. The participation of this team was made possible with the generous support from the Marie Bashir Institute for Infectious Diseases and Biosecurity at the University of Sydney.

Andrew Wallace, Mandy Wang, Marianna Rudakova and Namraj Goire went up against 35 other teams from medical schools around the region in a gruelling 1st and 2nd round. The team did a fantastic job in the competition which included laboratory examinations, multiple choice questions and short answer quizzes before losing out to last year’s competition winners from Universitas Gadjah Mada for a place in the semi-finals. Andrew finished the competition with a Silver Medal for achieving one of the highest individual scores in the 1st round. Mahidol University emerged as the eventual champion for this year. Well done to all!
Read more:SIMPIC

Nurses Orientation


2015 University of Sydney, Sydney Nursing School, Western Clinical Home Orientation Day was held at Nepean Clinical School and Nepean Hospital on Friday 6th March.
Coordinators - Dr Jennifer Hardy and Ms Sarah Whereat
Clinical Facilitator - Ms Reshmi Dinesh
Placement Coordinator – Ms Rosemary Lubyckij

2014 Graduation Ceremony


2014 Graduates (click on picture for larger photo)

Our 2014 Nepean Clinical School Graduation Ceremony was held on Friday 5th December
2014 SMSN Graduation Powerpoint



Dr Stuart Lane, Ms Kay Hyman CEO NBMLHD, and Dr Bernard Champion

The Nepean Clinical School Tutors Awards Lunch was held on Wednesday 10th December.
We are very privileged and grateful to have so many wonderful caring Tutors at Nepean.
2014 Nepean Tutors Awards
2014 Nepean Tutors Awards Lunch Photos

Stage 4 2014 Students Final Morning Tea

Presentation Morning tea for Stage 4 2014 Students

2014 Nepean Clinical School Orientation Day

This year’s welcome to our new medical students was well supported by staff and senior students, with a new event and a new BBQ.
Energetic Stage 1 students were punctual for our Orientation Day talks and activities, succeeding in the first task of finding their way to Nepean Clinical School’s site. Well done, and we look forward to the same promptness, which is a good reflection of the School’s expectations in this pre-professional course.
The introduction of the Medical Doctorate (MD) this year gave our School the impetus to change Orientation Day a little from recent years, and we had a terrific response to an invitation for Academic and Professional staff from Nepean to speak briefly on their areas of interest in research; MD students will undertake a mandated research project and we hope the dozen or so talks inspired candidates to utilise the infrastructure available and willing, here at Nepean.
Tasks vital to orientate staff to a hospital setting can take three days to complete, so we are delighted to be able to pack so much into one Orientation Day. This is in no small part due to the capable, flexible and diligent staff from School and Hospital alike, and my thanks go to them all.

Topics covered include:
  • Fire Safety and Evacuation Procedures
  • Security
  • Infection Control
  • Introductions to key staff
  • Tours of the School building and the Hospital
  • Work Health and Safety
  • Basic Life Support
  • Manual Handling
  • Hand Washing and Personal Protective Equipment
  • Introduction to our student society, the Nepean Medical Student Society
  • Fire Safety practical (putting out real fires)

Students with our new barbeque

As you can see it’s a long list but as always it was successfully completed with enthusiasm.
Another change this year was to invite students and staff downstairs to our courtyard where our official photograph of the group and staff was made, before a light BBQ lunch. This was possible due to the good timing, planning and abilities of Rhonda Willis, Sarah Whereat and Ann Quinton, as well as the foresight of the boss, Professor Peek, in buying a BBQ.
Welcome to all our new students, we look forward to working with you.

Narelle D Brown
Clinical Skills Educator and Stage 1 Coordinator Sydney Medical School Nepean


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The Traditional "throwing of the hats"


Prof Peek, Sarah Whereat and Narelle Brown


some of our Graduates


This is the third year we have hosted the Sydney Nursing School at Nepean