Studying at Nepean

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Sydney Medical School Nepean provides excellent conditions for learning. The administrative staff and the clinical tutors provide a friendly atmosphere and are flexible and supportive in their approach to your studies.

You can be assured of seeing many interesting cases, owing at least in part to efforts made by staff finding patients well-suited to the problem of the week. A high patient-to-student ratio makes it easier to find a patient when you want to practice clinical skills outside of class.

The hospital itself is quite new, and a comfortable place to work. The library is well equipped and makes the most of a stunning view of the mountains which you can gaze at while you get your head around the finer points of a case.

Nepean's supportive working environment makes for high student morale which is highly contagious.

Teaching staff:

Associate Professor Stuart Lane

Associate Professor Lane is Coordinator of clinical studies and Chair of the Personal and Professional Development theme (PPD) for the Sydney Medical Program. He also teaches and examines students in all stages of the SMP both at central faculty and Nepean Clinical School, where he has been awarded teacher of the year for six years. He supervises MD student projects as well as Higher Degree students in phenomenological analysis of teaching experiences.

His teaching is focussed around reflection and cognitive development, and he has developed masterclasses and teaching programs both at Nepean Clinical School and central campus incorporating these ideas. Based on this work, in 2014 he was awarded The Sydney Medical School award for academic excellence: Outstanding teaching. Further to this, in 2016 his teaching program was recognised at a National level when he was awarded The Australian Government Citation for outstanding contribution to student learning.

'For creating and fostering an educational environment and culture, that enhances learning by motivating students to develop a growth mindset and inspiring collegiate critical reflection.'

2017 Stage 1 Orientation Day


SMS Nepean welcomed an enthusiastic new cohort of 34 Stage 1 medical students on February 1st this year, and they immediately started to make impressions on the staff and more senior students. Comments like, “Oh, they’re keen…” have been repeated to me, and it’s great to see both the efforts being made by new students and the recognition from their colleagues.
I suspect the pictures you can see here, taken and compiled most kindly by our lovely Sue Dowd on Orientation Day, show some of that spirit of engagement, and apart from thanking the whole of Stage 1 for playing so nicely, I need to give a round of congratulations to Group 2 on Orientation Day, for completely smashing the Surgical Smarties game. They led by analysing the most economical way of robing and disrobing each other in the plastic gown, surgical mask, gloves, booties and hat, and continued amidst much hilarity to refine their technique as they forged ahead in the smartie count in the tiny container. It was great fun for all the students involved, and most entertaining for the staff looking on.
It’s now week 6 of the Stage 1 programme, and at Clinical we’ve already put Stage 1 through training and their first assessments in basic life support, hand hygiene, manual handling – ably assisted by Stage 3 students on Orientation Day – and they’ve all put out a fire using both a gas extinguisher and a fire blanket. This last we haven’t been able to offer for the last couple of years, and besides relying as always on help from the whole Clinical School staff to make our teaching programme work, I am grateful for the professional assistance of Hospital staff in getting those requirements filled.
Last week at Clinical we held the first of our extra teaching and learning sessions to allow Stage 1 students to safely practise their very basic History taking techniques. With a plenary talk from A/Professor Stuart Lane at 0800h, followed by rotations of short sessions with senior students acting as patients and then providing feedback on technique and manner, this was well received by the junior students. The exercise allows for intense, but safe, practise as to how to start their interviews with patients. I hope you will all henceforce encounter them in the wards, confidently speaking with patients and absorbing the very many aspects of professional practice elucidated by doing so.
This week we will continue with consultant led tutorials as well as rounding out teaching on Mental Health First Aid, in recognition of the need to enable new medical students to not only look after their physical health, but to also look out for one another’s mental health.
I hope you are all able to join me in continuing to welcome Stage 1 2017 to Nepean.

Narelle Brown
Stage 1 Coordinator SMS Nepean

2016 Graduation Day!


Graduation Bowling Night

Graduation Bowling Night 2016.ppt

Last Teaching Day for 2013 Cohort


"Finishing four years of medical school was no easy task but we did it ! The friendships and memories made together will be remembered for many years to come. Thanks to the excellent tutors and staff at the clinical school who have been so generous guiding us to the finish line. Class of 2016 Nepean Clinical School"

Patricia Alphonse on behalf of our year