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NMSS Committee 2017


Congratulations to our new executive for 2017!

President: Izzy Lau
Secretary: PJ Regan
Treasurer: Andrea Ho
VP Education: Isaac Ealing
VP Surgery: Nathaniel Deboever
VP Social: Nick Skladnev
VP Sponsorship: Sue Qian

A very BIG welcome to our lovely first years! We're delighted to have new young-lings to guide and help through your med school journey. We really hope that you'll make the most out of your time at Nepean even if you're only there once a week initially.

To the 2nd and 3rd years (and potentially some 4th years if they're around), welcome back! Hope you've had a wonderful break, and to the 3rd years, hope you're settling well into your Term!

The Nepean Medical Students Society is an active society that is committed to the educational and social advancement of the students of Nepean Clinical School. As in previous years we are committed to ensuring the continued development of Nepean Clinical School.

We have a number of goals that we would like to achieve for 2017/18:
1. Continue to strengthen peer-to-peer teaching
2. Encourage good relations between all years
3. Ensure a conducive study environment for all students
4. Organise educational and social events for members
5. Provide and maintain facilities in the clinical school

NMSS Committee 2016

NMSS Committee 2016

We are proud to announce the new Nepean Medical Student Society (NMSS) Executives.

The positions as follows:
President – Nicholas Barry
Secretary – Andrea Huang
Treasurer & Sponsorship – Jeff Kruk & Hao Luo
Education - Medicine: Darshi Cheruvu & Emily Jenkins
Education - Surgery : Nathaniel Deboever
Social – Patrick J Regan
Stage 1 & 2 Reps - TBA

For inquiries please contact:
Andrea Huang on

Services and Activities planned for 2015

Student Rounds

Student Rounds are a chance for students to present to their peers a range of topics of interest. These range from case presentations to areas of special interest/expertise by particular students. These provide not only an educational experience, but a chance for students to gain confidence in presenting to their peers. We encourage the attendance, not only of students but any clinical staff that would like to attend. This year, the student rounds will be held monthly on different days of the week. For more information, please contact Tim Scully ( or Mari Koyanagi ( for more information.

Stage 3 Assisted Teaching

Stage 3 students are particularly enthusiastic in becoming involved with the education process of Stage 1 and Stage 2 students. We believe we are in a position to effectively facilitate the consolidation of teaching that is provided by our exceedingly competent clinical staff. This also acts to reinforce concepts for Stage 3 students. This has already taken place in regards to involvement with Stage 1 Masterclass and OSCE activities with further opportunities being planned throughout the year.

Suturing & Knot-tying Workshop


This workshop aims to provide a strong foundation in suturing for students. This will be conducted by experienced students and surgical registrar throughout the year. With a mixture of online videos, small group practice sessions and wet-labs with clinicians, we hope these workshops will give our students the opportunity to develop basic surgical skills such as knot-tying and suturing. For more information, contact Phil Cheung (

Emergency Medicine Skills Workshop

This workshop aims at providing basic clinical and procedural skills for students prior to commencing their attachment at the Emergency Department. The workshop will be conducted by junior and senior medical staff. Details will be sent out via email in April 2014.

Nepean Annual Dinner

The NMSS has made it an objective that the graduating year has dinner funded by the society, allowing students the opportunity to celebrate their achievements of the previous 4 years of hard work

Medical Trivia Night

Taking place every 2nd Thursday of a new block, the Trivia Night will pitch the brightest of Nepean Clinical School against each other for an ultimate prize. For more information, please contact Nic Halliwell (; Geoff Zeni (

Other Social Events

We are also very keen to encourage good relations between the various years at the Clinical School. We aim to achieve this by hosting various social events throughout the year. Several events earlier in the year including 1st Year Welcome Drinks and a social outing at the “Wet ‘n Wild” water theme park have been a huge success. Stay tuned for more events to come!


Maintenance of new student common room

We are committed to ensuring our new facilities are maintained with basic necessities such as milk, tea and coffee. The common room also now has the size and capability of hosting social functions at lunch times. Foosball and a pool table also allows students a chance for relaxation between classes or at the end of a clinical day. For feedback on how this can be improved, please email Aaron Wong (