Summer Student Updates



Hayden Kenny and A/P Stephen Fuller

As in previous years Nepean had an excellent group of summer research students this year.
We also added new supervisors who had been impressed by the quality of presentations from previous years. This enabled us to offer more projects than before and have a record number of 7 students.
Our final presentations were held on Thursday Feb 2.
The competition was very close but the winner was Mr Hayden Kenny who will present for the Dean’s prize.
We wish to thank all the supervisors who put a great deal of time over the Christmas break for our students.

Hayden's Topic was : ‘Differential expression of P2X7 isoforms by tumour-associated macrophages in the breast cancer microenvironment’




Prof. Eslick with Ross and Emily


Dr Sud and Tayler

Nepean was privileged to have 3 brilliant Summer Research Students with us this year:
Ms Emily Hartman - Supervisor: Professor Guy D. Eslick
Research Topic: “Maternal and fetal outcomes for pregnant women with cancer: A meta-analysis”
Mr Ross Penninkilampi - Supervisor: Professor Guy D. Eslick
Research Topic: “Anti-amyloid-beta therapy for Alzheimer’s disease: A meta-analytic assessment
of clinical trials”

Ms Tayler Wishart - Supervisor:Dr Kamal Sud
Research Topic: “Is topical application of Medicated Honey better than povidone iodine in preventing peritoneal dialysis catheter-related infections?”

SRSS Reports

Emily Hartman
Ross Penninkilampi
Tayler Wishart


World Conference of Interventional Oncology 2015-Ruth Ho

2015 Alzheimer’s Association International Conference -Sohaib Virk



A/P Eslick, Abigail, Ruth and Sohaib


Prof. Duque and Philip

Nepean was privileged to have 4 brilliant Summer Research Students with us this year:
Mr Sohaib Virk - Supervisor: Associate Professor Guy D. Eslick
Research Topic: “Is there a relationship between Aluminium exposure and Alzheimer's disease? : A meta-analysis”.
Miss Ruth Huo - Supervisor: Associate Professor Guy D. Eslick
Research Topic: “Transcathether arterial chemoembolization plus radiotherapy is superior to chemoembolization alone for hepatocellular carcinoma: A comprehensive systematic review and meta-analysis"
Miss Abigail Marsh- Supervisor: Associate Professor Guy D. Eslick
Research Topic: "Does a diet low in FODMAPs reduce symptoms associated with functional gastrointestinal disorders? : A Meta-analysis."
Mr Chung Philip - Supervisor: Professor Gustavo Duque
Project Topic: “Building Bone from Blood: The Circulating Osteo Progenitors (COP) Study”

Summer Student Reports

SSRS Surgery Report
SSRS Student Report - Philip Chung
SSRS Student Report - Ya Ruth Ho

Past Summer Student Ruth Huo at ASBMR


Ruth and Prof. Duque

Ruth Huo during her two posters presentation at the American Society for Bone and Mineral Research in Houston (USA).
Both posters summarise Ruth's results of her summer research projects.



L-R Priya, Ariah, Sai and Ruth

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We had 4 excellent Summer Scholarship Students this year -
Ariah Steele (under the supervision of Associate Professor Guy Eslick) was chosen from the Western Area Clinical Schools to present and compete for the Dean's Summer Scholarship Prize.
Ariah Steel's project entitled “Bacterial infection and Alzheimer’s disease: A meta-analysis”was in the discipline of surgery under Associate Professor Guy Eslick.

Ariah was one of 8 chosen from 86 students to reach the final presentation and is continuing her research doing her Honours in Alzheimer’s research
Ariah's Report

Ruth Huo's project entitled "Adipocyles as weapons of bone destruction: The bone as a war zone - Clinical" was with the Aging Bone Program under Professor Gustavo Duque.
Ruth's Report

Sai Krishnan's project entitled "Evidence for an association between Streptococcus bovis infection and the development of colon cancer: A meta-analysis was in the discipline of surgery under Associate Professor Guy Eslick.
Sai's Report

Priya Maheshwari's project entitled "Is Alzheimer’s disease due to an infection? A meta-analysiswas in the discipline of surgery under Associate Professor Guy Eslick.
Priya's Report

It's always an extremely rewarding time to have such dedicated students who all worked very hard over summer on their projects from start to finish in eight weeks.Thanks to all who assisted our students during their time here at Nepean, the feedback from them regarding their time here has been very positive! We look forward to seeing more students coming here again next summer.

By Susan Dowd,
Research Support Officer, Sydney Medical School Nepean

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