The Brain and Mind Centre Nepean

The University of Sydney launched its multidisciplinary initiative in neuroscience and mental health – Brain and Mind Centre – in 2015. Since then, the Brain and Mind Centre has grown as a global leader in research and treatment, focusing on the whole-human with a holistic approach to looking at neuroscience and mental health from childhood development to the ageing brain. With the Brain and Mind Centre’s growth, it now looks to expand capacity across the University of Sydney’s campuses. Thus, the Brain and Mind Centre has moved to having a presence in the Nepean community.

In Nepean, the Brain and Mind Centre would like to facilitate and encourage multisite research collaboration, decentralising activities where platforms and services can be leveraged across disciplines. Specifically, through a truly multidisciplinary approach, the University of Sydney’s Brain and Mind Centre would like to aggregate the strengths of researchers to fill a crucial gap in research of diseases of the brain and mind that affect individuals from childhood and adolescence through to old age. As a result, the Brain and Mind Centre looks to make impactful life-changing outcomes through evidence-informed practices.

Research Opportunities

Many academics and researchers from across disciplines and faculties at the University of Sydney campuses are currently involved in research at the Brain and Mind Centre.
Currently, grouped into five research teams:
1. Child Development and Behaviour
2. Youth Mental Health
3. Neuroimmunology
4. ForeFront Ageing and Neurodegeneration
5 Computational Neuroscience
If you are currently involved, or would like to get involved in neuroscience and/or mental health research, please contact: to discuss research opportunities regarding conditions of the brain and mind across the human lifespan.

T +61 2 4734 4408 [Mondays, Thursdays] | T +61 2 8627 6515 x76515 [Fridays]
Our steering committee meets monthly. Our committee in Nepean is chaired by

Past Events

Brain and Mind Centre Symposium - Friday 13 October 2017

2017 Brain and Mind Centre Symposium
Leading research in brain and mind sciences

The inaugural Brain and Mind Centre 2017 Symposium brought together researchers and clinicians for a full day of presentations and conversations on child development and behaviour, youth mental health, and healthy ageing and neurodegeneration.

New perspectives from international keynote speakers and local research teams were discussed and how the Brain and Mind Centre’s multidisciplinary research is changing the way we approach global health problems.



The Brain and Mind Centre would like to implement engaging events in the form of workshops and seminars at Nepean to support researchers across the spectrum, from early-career to senior academics/professionals. Please follow the Brain and Mind Centre on Facebook and Twitter and/or contact , to join the BMC participation network to keep up-to-date with our upcoming activities.

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