AusAID Public Sector Linkages Program grant awarded to Merrilyn Walton and team

'Improving Hospital Death Data Collection in Vietnam’: Merrilyn Walton, Jen Smith-Merry, Dang Van Duong, Patrick Kelly; $203,354; 2012-2015

The Activity will focus on building capacity of two large hospitals (Viet Duc and Bach Mai) in Vietnam in the design and implementation of a standardised system for the collection of hospital death data. The implementation of a death certificate in these hospitals will greatly improve the rate of death certificate collection and will produce a standardised system for collecting information about deaths in Vietnam for the first time. The collection of standardised death data is an integral part of any health promotion and disease prevention policy framework. When such data is analysed it can assist governments to better allocate scarce resources to those areas most in need. Educating staff about the importance of hospital death data and training them in a systemised system for the collection and maintenance of a death certificate system is the first step in working towards this goal.

By Dr Jennifer Smith-Merry