Information night videos - May 23, 2012

Videos recorded on the May 23 Information Night are now available on YouTube.

They give an overview of the postgraduate medicine (MBBS) and dentistry (DMD) programs, as well as up to date information on the applications process and advice on preparing for the (much feared) Multiple Mini Interviews.

medicine overview video  

Introduction and overview of the Medical Program


Slide presentation as a pdf:

 dentistry overview  

Overview of the Dentistry program



 2nd year medicine  

Student life, 2nd year Medicine


Slide presentation as a pdf:

 4th year medicine  

Student life, 4th year Medicine


Slide presentations as a pdfs: and

 4th year dentistry  

Student life, 4th year Dentistry


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 admissions process video  

Admissions process including the MMI


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