Prizes and Scholarships Presentation 2012

The annual Prizes and Scholarships Presentation was held in the Burkitt-Ford Lounge of the Edward Ford Building on 23 August 2012. The evening celebrates the achievements of medical and postgraduate students over the past 12 months.

Sydney Medical Program Prizes

Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists Prize (2008)
Shannon Elise Stogryn

J L Shellshear Memorial Prize for Surgical Anatomy (1959)
Petria Alice Carter
Yara Chehade

John and Lillian Frances Laycock Memorial Prize [anatomy] (2008)
Katherine Elizabeth Francis
Adrian Lo

McMahon Tennent Prize for Biochemistry (1952)
Jenna Ann Joester

Edith Collins Prize into Alcohol Abuse and Related Disorders (2011)
Abhijit Pal

Jan Coppleson Memorial Prize for Cancer Medicine (1984)
Georgia Jane Black McCaughan

Harold John Ritchie Memorial Prize for Clinical Medicine (1955)
Elke Lauren Elizabeth Woodhouse

Harry J Clayton Memorial Prize for Medicine and Clinical Medicine (1929)
Olga Gaitsgory

Professor C R B Blackburn Prize for Medicine RPAH (2010)
Olga Gaitsgory

Joye Prize in Medicine [Honours] (2008)
Georgia Jane Black McCaughan

Iain Buzzard Dunlop Memorial Prize [Honours] (2004)
Alice Louise Cooper Grey

Dean’s Prize for Research (2009)
Matilda Anderson
Richard Paull Blennerhassett
Daniel McArthur Daly

Arthur Edward Mills Graduation Prize (1940)
Elke Lauren Elizabeth Woodhouse

Dagmar Berne Prize [proficiency in year 4] (1915)
Rosemary Cecilia Brungs

George Allan Prize [proficiency in year 4] (1952)
Geoffrey Peter Collins

Robert Scot Skirving Memorial Prize [proficiency in year 4] (1957)
Elke Lauren Elizabeth Woodhouse

John Harris Scholarship [proficiency in stage 2] (1887)
Vanessa Suzanne El-Achi
Christopher William Sadler
Samantha Leigh Sundercombe

Renwick Prize [proficiency in stage 2] (1877)
Lachlan S Alexander
Thomas Chun Wai Chan
Simon Lawendy

Joint Semmelweis and Harold Alfred Waldron Memorial Prize in Clinical Infectious Diseases (1991/1938)
Annaleise Rosemary Howard-Jones

A Hing Memorial Prize in Gynaecology (1965)
Finn Alexander Stanton Ghent
Stephen James Wong

Dame Constance D’Arcy Memorial Prize in Gynaecology (1952)
Annaleise Rosemary Howard-Jones

Dr Grace Cuthbert Browne Prize in Obstetrics and Gynaecology (1990)
Phillip Collins

Mabel Elizabeth Leaver Memorial Prize in Obstetrics (1955)
Geoffrey Peter Collins

RANZCOG Women’s Health Award (2005)
Tania Mozelle Pertot

James and Margaret Claffy Prize in Ophthalmology (1965)
Nicole Fardell

Douglas Cohen Prize for Paediatric Surgery (1985)
Brooke Elizabeth Wilson

Paediatric Health Education Prize (1984)
Eric Tredget

The Children’s Hospital at Westmead Medical Staff Council Prize in Paediatrics (1998)
Annaleise Rosemary Howard-Jones

Dr H G Chapman Prize [original research in physiology] (1930)
Jad Matar

A T Edwards Memorial Prize [elective term in psychiatry] (1985)
Maryam Nesvaderani

Campbell Kordick Memorial Prize [psychiatry] (1988)
Alice Louise Cooper Grey

Cedric Swanton Memorial Prize [essay in psychiatry] (1974)
Kate Johnson

Dr F Norton Manning Memorial Prize [psychiatry] (1907)
Elke Lauren Elizabeth Woodhouse

Dun Surgery Prize [elective term] (1974)
Samuel Lindquist

Hinder Memorial Prize [Honours in surgery] (1918)
David Rae Gale

Joint Sidney B Clipsham and William Henry and Eliza Alice Sharp Prize in Surgery (1913/1938)
Geoffrey Peter Collins

K C T Rawle 104 ACCS Association Prize [surgery] (1981)
Andrew Emanuel
Finn Alexander Stanton Ghent

Sir John Loewenthal Prize [surgery, RPAH] (1981)
Alice Louise Cooper Grey
Georgia Jane Black McCaughan

Sydney Medical Program Dean's Scholarships

Dean’s Independent Learning Activity Scholarships (2009)
Katy Alison Harrington
Sophie Kate McLeod
Jesse Lawrence Schloegel

Dean’s Elective Term Scholarships (2009)
Anna Fiona Barbouttis
Charles Betts
Paul Donald Bonnitcha
Costa Steven Boyages
Michelle Wendy Emerson
Alexandra Lauren Evenden
David Goltsman
Stephane Paul Gerard Hemmerter
Ciara Alyce McDonald
Aruna Shivam
Julie Sze

Sydney Medical Program Elective Term Scholarships

Dr Carl Richard Jackson Scholarship (2009)
Joshua Russel Serov
Tegan Emma Van Gemert

A M Taylor Scholarships in Orthopaedic and Traumatic Surgery (2008)
Andrew Cahill
Cam Frederick James Hollows
Arridh Shashank
Anna Sokolova
Zachariah Joseph Turner

Sydney Medical Program Honours Scholarships

G S Caird Scholarship No I (1918)
David James Philp

G S Caird Scholarship No II
Jana Ludmila Vitesnikova

Nemettallah and Kamle Habib Family Scholarship (1998)
Jennifer Brenda Kozlovski

Alexander James Scholarship (1981)
Emily Judith Griffin

Dr Charlotte Last Memorial Scholarship (1997/2008)
Vanessa Jayne Thomas

John Wait Scholarship (1944)
Timothy Alex West

University of Sydney Academic Merit Prize

Year 1
Karen Ngar Wing Lee
Mitchell Benley Lee
Yoon Ji Jina Rhou
Martin G Seneviratne
Adam Bruce Stanton
Alex Stoyanov
Anisha Walavalkar

Year 2
Lachlan S Alexander
Thomas Chun Wai Chan
Vanessa Suzanne El-Achi
Simon Lawendy
Christopher William Sadler
Samantha Leigh Sundercombe

Year 3
Sebastian James Brown
Jasan Dannaway
Louise Christie Greenup
Farmey Augustine Joseph
Lauren Karina King
Elie Matar
Clare O’Sullivan
Simon Peter Rowe
Jade Schroers
Anna Sokolova

Postgraduate Prizes

Peter Bancroft Prize (1923)
Richard Po-Hung Chi
Rebecca Freeman
Susan Debra Hart
Michael Li-Hsuan Huang
Jodie Maree Ingles
Laura Lecce
Luciola Da Cunha Menezes
Olav Brian Nielssen
Raymond Wah Lun Sy
Christiana Rialine Titaley
Megan Leigh Whitnall
Andy Sze Chiang Yong

Dean’s Research Publication Prize (2009)
Soon Keen Cheong

Professor John Irvine Hunter Prize for Research in Anatomical Sciences (1990)
David Ian Krimmer
Phillip Alfonso Romo

Bercovici Medal and Prize (1997)
Francine Coelho Marques

Clarence and Mabel Clark Prize [ophthalmology] (1988)
Daniel James Brettell

Dr Adam Locket Award for Ophthalmic Anatomy (2007)
Emil Dwisatya Kurniawan

Francis A Billson Award [ophthalmic physiology] (2008)
Emil Dwisatya Kurniawan