2012 Medicine Revue - Placebo Royale

Placebo Royale event poster

World famous transplant surgeon, Dr. James Bond is on the cutting edge of surgical technique. Renowned for his implausible success rate, his incredible communication skills, his irrepressible ego, and his unmatched ability to pick up.... anything with a heartbeat.

But there's something amiss and Bond's career teeters on a scalpel's- edge. With his enemies at every turn, his clientele are dying left, right and centre.

Will he recover? Will he be able to solve the mystery in time to save his patients, or will his surgical career end up in the morgue?

Written, produced and performed by first year medical students, Placebo Royale promises to be the sexiest revue this season. With a dose of fun, and an injection of humour, the 2012 Medicine Revue is just what your (future) doctors ordered!

With all proceeds donated to charity, it's bound to make you feel good! In 2012, we're proudly sponsoring Medecins sans Frontieres and Milkcrate Theatre.

Event details

Sep 12-15 York Theatre
Seymour Centre

Access (USYD Student Union) Price: $20
Student Price: $25
Adult Price: $29

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