Prizes and Scholarships Presentation 2013

The annual Prizes and Scholarships Presentation was held in the Burkitt-Ford Lounge of the Edward Ford Building on 22 August 2013. The evening celebrates the achievements of medical and postgraduate students over the past 12 months.

Sydney Medical Program Prizes

Australian and New Zealand College of Anaesthetists Prize (2008)
Gregory Brogan

Professor John Irvine Hunter Prize [prosection in anatomy] (1990)
Leba Sarkis
Alexander Treble

John and Lillian Frances Laycock Memorial Prize [anatomy] (2008)
Alan Lackey
Jim Yip

A M Loewenthal Prize [practical work in anatomy] (1925)
Phylannie Cheung

J L Shellshear Memorial Prize for Surgical Anatomy (1959)
James Pasch
Stuart Spencer

Edith Collins Prize into Alcohol Abuse and Related Disorders (2011)
Emma-Lee Bourne

Harold John Ritchie Memorial Prize for Clinical Medicine (1955)
Louise Greenup

Harry J Clayton Memorial Prize for Medicine and Clinical Medicine (1929)
Simon Rowe

Professor C R B Blackburn Prize for Medicine RPAH (2010)
Simon Rowe

Joye Prize in Medicine [Honours] (2008)
Lauren King
Elie Matar

Iain Buzzard Dunlop Memorial Prize [Honours] (2004)
Leon Edwards
Benjamin Tassie

Dean’s Prize for Research (2009)
Victoria Buckley
Lauren King
Elie Matar

Arthur Edward Mills Graduation Prize (1940)
Louise Greenup

Dagmar Berne Prize [proficiency in year 4] (1915)
Farmey Joseph
Clare O’Sullivan

George Allan Prize [proficiency in year 4] (1952)
Simon Rowe

Robert Scot Skirving Memorial Prize [proficiency in year 4] (1957)
Louise Greenup

John Harris Scholarship [proficiency in stage 2] (1887)
Karen Lee
Joan Li

Renwick Prize [proficiency in stage 2] (1877)
Mitchell Lee

A Hing Memorial Prize in Gynaecology (1965)
John Moutzouris
Clare O’Sullivan

Dame Constance D’Arcy Memorial Prize in Gynaecology (1952)
Clare O’Sullivan

Dr Grace Cuthbert Browne Prize in Obstetrics and Gynaecology (1990)
Michael Parkinson

Mabel Elizabeth Leaver Memorial Prize in Obstetrics (1955)
Emilie Jakstas

RANZCOG Women’s Health Award (2005)
Priyanka Dixit

James and Margaret Claffy Prize in Ophthalmology (1965)
Stuart Napier

Douglas Cohen Prize for Paediatric Surgery (1985)
Louise Greenup

Paediatric Health Education Prize (1984)
Natalie Pfund

The Children’s Hospital at Westmead Medical Staff Council Prize in Paediatrics (1998)
Louise Greenup

Dr H G Chapman Prize [original research in physiology] (1930)
Cheryl Au
Nathan Cross

A T Edwards Memorial Prize [elective term in psychiatry] (1985)
Abhijit Pal

Campbell Kordick Memorial Prize [psychiatry] (1988)
Emilia Esterman

Cedric Swanton Memorial Prize [essay in psychiatry] (1974)
Vanessa El-Achi

Dr F Norton Manning Memorial Prize [psychiatry] (1907)
Alexander Tiedgen

Dun Surgery Prize [elective term] (1974)
Hyunchul Lee

Hinder Memorial Prize [Honours in surgery] (1918)
Edward Cooper

Joint Sidney B Clipsham and William Henry and Eliza Alice Sharp Prize in Surgery (1913/1938)
Gregory Brogan

K C T Rawle 104 ACCS Association Prize [surgery] (1981)
Jasan Dannaway

Sir John Loewenthal Prize [surgery, RPAH] (1981)
Christopher Renaud

Sydney Medical Program Dean's Scholarships

Dean’s Independent Learning Activity Scholarships (2009)
Loren Besley
Georgia Hunt
Peta McKay

Dean’s Elective Term Scholarships (2009)
Adnan Alam
Melissa Chin
Stefan Dimou
Paul Geenty
Kalhari Jayaweera
Yvonne Nguyen
Rabi Rasouli
Michael Seco
Duncan Self

Sydney Medical Program Elective Term Scholarships

Dr Carl Richard Jackson Scholarship (2009)
Elissa Calderwood
Sally Plunkett

Technion Exchange Scholarship (2007)
Kenrick Blaker
Glib Popov

Sydney Medical Program Honours Scholarships

G S Caird Scholarship No I (1918)
Antonia Clarke

G S Caird Scholarship No II (1923)
Elizabeth McGill

Nemettallah and Kamle Habib Family Scholarship (1998)
Boris Waldman

Alexander James Scholarship (1981)
Afik Snir

Dr Charlotte Last Memorial Scholarship (1997/2008)
Constance Leung

John Wait Scholarship (1944)
Yvonne Kong

Other scholarships

Dr John Osborne RN Scholarship (1919)
Ronald Fung

University of Sydney Academic Merit Prize

Year 1
Phylannie Cheung
Kathryn Hulme
Paul Nguyen
Nicole Smith
Bianca Treu
Boris Waldman
Mun Wong
Nathan Wong

Year 2
Ramanan Chandrabalan
Ronald Fung
Sophie Hale
Sarah Johnston
Afik Snir
Alex Stoyanov
Anisha Walavalkar

Year 3
Lachlan Alexander
Sally Bath
Jeffrey Ha
Simon Lawendy
Lucy McGrath-Cadell
Christopher Sadler
Claire Strong
Michael Tobin
Ann Walz

Dean's List of Excellence in Academic Performance

Year 1
Peter Brien
Mitchell Brooks
Harriet Caterson
Mary Elsley
Rada Germanos
Ricky Harjanto
Joshua Kirk
Jason Kwok
Ruby Kwong
Zhou Li
Paul Morris
Nicholas Rennick
Bradley Ryan
Michael Truelove
Alistair Varidel

Year 2
Andrew Duckworth
Ann Formaz-Preston
Yvonne Kong
Kin Lam
Linh Luft
Jina Rhou
Martin Seneviratne
Karen Waller
Chao Wang

Year 3
Vanessa El-Achi
Jana Vitesnikova

Postgraduate Prizes

Peter Bancroft Prize (1923)
Ruth Dentice
Claude Farah
Zoe Michaleff
Alexandra Sbaraini
Susan Tomlinson
Jacqueline Winship
Tetsuo Yamagishi

Dean’s Research Publication Prize (2009)
Emily Oates

Professor John Irvine Hunter Prize for Research in Anatomical Sciences (1990)
Swetha Murali
Vanessa Sequeira

Bercovici Medal and Prize (1997)
Giselle Yeo

Anthony Molteno Award [ophthalmic optics] (2011)
Emil Kurniawan

Clarence and Mabel Clark Prize [ophthalmology] (1988)
Jung Yeon Ku

Francis A Billson Award [ophthalmic physiology] (2008)
Parth Shah