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5 reasons to study Pain Management

Study Pain Management

20 December
In Australia, chronic pain affects around 20 percent of the population and costs the community an estimated $34 billion dollars each year. Discover why studying pain management will help to ease the burden of pain on the community. Learn more

Westmead honours students awarded University Medal

Westmead honours students awarded university medal

20 December 2017
Three Applied Medical Science Honours students based at Westmead have been awarded a University Medal. The annual award acknowledges the outstanding academic performance of honours students at the University of Sydney. Learn more

5 reasons to study Honours at Westmead

Honours westmead

14 December 2017
Are you interested in studying an Honours at Westmead? Here are 5 reasons you should study your Honours at Westmead with the University of Sydney. Learn more

Planetary Health Platform launches at University of Sydney

Planetary Health Platform

14 December 2017
The University of Sydney’s Planetary Health Platform, launching today, will safeguard the health and wellbeing of current and future generations by building knowledge and capacity for the transformation to a sustainable world. Learn more

Cancer researcher wins AMP Tomorrow Makers award

Dr Kristina Cook

12 December 2017
Biomedical scholar, Dr Kristina Cook has won an AMP Tomorrow Makers award to help take her work to the next level. AMP's Tomorrow Fund supports inspirational Australians who are working hard to create a better tomorrow for everyone. Learn more

Why study pharmaceutical and medical device development

Study pharmaceutical and medical device development

7 December 2017
Find out how our pharmaceutical and medical device development degrees can provide you with the insights into the complex and dynamic processes involved in bringing pharmaceutical and medical technology to market. Learn more

Uni 2 beyond” initiative wins national award

Uni 2 beyond initiative wins award

5 December 2017
The University of Sydney’s “uni 2 beyond” initiative has taken out the Excellence in Education and Training Award at the 2017 National Disability Awards on Sunday 3 December. Learn more

Congratulations Harris Fellows 2017


5 December 2017
We are excited to announce this year’s Harris Fellows 2017. This year’s fellowship was open to all University of Sydney students in any faculty. 10 applicants from a high quality pool of 36 were awarded. Learn more

Sydney Medical School professors awarded a Payne-Scott Professorial Distinction

tania sorrel and philip poronnik

29 November 2017
We are excited to announce that Professor Tania Sorrell and Professor Philip Poronnik of Sydney Medical School are among the five University of Sydney professors who have been honoured with a 2017 Payne-Scott Professorial Distinction. Learn more

NHMRC fellowships to translate research into practice

NHMRC grant

23 November 2017
Sydney researchers have received two Translating Research into Practice Fellowships (TRIP), worth more than $350,000, to develop tools to reduce deaths in preterm babies and evaluate the care of patients on kidney dialysis. Learn more

Sydney Cancer researchers receive NSW Premier's Awards and $1.25 million funding

NSW Premier

22 November 2017
Sydney cancer researchers have received two prestigious Premier’s awards and $1.25 million in funding from the Cancer Institute NSW earlier this month. Learn more

Clamping the umbilical cord later saves preterm babies’ lives


31 October 2017
Thousands of preterm babies could be saved by waiting 60 seconds before clamping the umbilical cord after birth instead of clamping it immediately University of Sydney research finds. Learn more

Inaugural MD Research Symposium celebrates the research of the first completing MD cohort at the University of Sydney

MD Research Symposium

27 October 2017
The Inaugural MD Research Symposium was held on 27 and 28 September. Forty-seven MD students presented their research to their peers, their research tutors and coordinators and the wider Sydney Medical School. Learn more

The University of Sydney welcomes Australia Awards Fellows from Myanmar

Australia Awards fellow

24 October 2017
The University of Sydney has welcomed health professionals from Myanmar participating in a five week Australia Awards Fellowship funded by the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT). Learn more

Nine University scholars named AAHMS Fellows

AAHMS fellows

20 October 2017
Nine scholars from the University of Sydney have been inducted as fellows of the Australian Academy of Health and Medical Sciences. Learn more

Robert Storr’s donation is the gift that keeps on giving

Donation transforms treatment of liver disease

27 September 2017
The world-renowned Storr Liver Centre, established from the generous bequest of Robert Storr, has made ground-breaking advancements in the fight against liver cancer and the prevention and treatment of liver disease. Learn more

I study medicine - Aspacia Manos

I study medicine - Aspacia

26 September 2017
We asked our Doctor of Medicine student, Aspacia for her experience studying at the University of Sydney. Learn more

World Alzheimer's Day - Research towards dementia prevention at the Brain and Mind Centre

World Alzheimer

21 September 2017
21 September is World Alzheimer’s Day. We caught up with PhD student, Harry Hallock from the University of Sydney’s Brain and Mind Centre to find out about his research project in cognitive training interventions for neurocognitive disorders. Learn more

5 reasons to study sexual and reproductive health

study sexual health

Sexuality is a central aspect to being human. A healthy life includes a healthy sexuality. A healthy sexuality is more than the absence of disease. It includes a positive and respectful understanding of sexuality and sexual relationships, where expressions of sexuality can be pleasurable, free of coerscion and discrimination. A healthy sexuality can also includes reproductive health. Learn more

3 questions to ask about calls to widen breast cancer screening

breast cancer screening

31 August 2017
With cancer screening, its benefits – less risk of dying of cancer – are clear, and are easily exaggerated. But the potential harms of screening are harder to recognise and readily overlooked, writes Professor Alexandra Barratt. Learn more

Our inventors win $3m to bankroll novel medical devices


30 August 2017
Two revolutionary medical devices developed by University of Sydney PhD students were among the top innovations awarded nearly $3 million on Tuesday evening by the NSW Government’s NSW Medical Devices Fund. Learn more

5 reasons why you should do a one-year honours degree at Sydney

honours week

30 August 2017
An honours degree is your next step if you’re seeking a competitive edge in your career, want to become an expert in your field or kickstart your pathway to a PhD. Give yourself the head start you deserve with a one-year research program. Learn more

SOAR Fellows solving real world health problems

SOAR fellows

14 August 2017
We caught up with our Sydney Research Accelerator (SOAR) Fellows, Associate Professor Anne Cust and Associate Professor Allison Tong and asked them to explain what their research is about and the wider impact it could have. Learn more

From creatures of habit to digital zombies - are we all addicts?


2 August 2017
Experts from University of Sydney discuss what drives addictive behaviours at the next Sydney Ideas Health Forum. Learn more

$5.4m boost for Sydney dementia research

Dementia research

1 August 2017
Congratulations to Dr Craig Phillips, who was awarded a $709,585 Leadership Fellowship to explore whether improving sleep could reduce dementia risk. Learn more

Indigenous health research centre launched

Indigenous health research centre

31 July 2017
The Centre for Research Excellence: Indigenous Health and Alcohol represents a unique effort to build, grow and support an emerging generation of Indigenous researchers to develop solutions to alcohol-related harm in Indigenous people. Learn more

Commercialising medical and science discoveries

Commercialising medical and science discoveries

13 July 2017
Starting today, the University of Sydney will host leading inventors and investors from across the globe for a two-day workshop on commercialising medical and science discoveries. Learn more

Boosting jobs key to unlocking doctor shortage


29 June 2017
Boosting job opportunities is the key to unlocking doctor shortages in the Central West, says Dr Mark Arnold, head of the University of Sydney’s School of Rural Health. Learn more

What is tularemia and can I catch it from a possum?


27 June 2017
Dr John-Sebastian Eden from Science and Marie Bashir Institute of Infectious Diseases at the University of Sydney explains on The Conversation what tularemia is and how you can catch it. Learn more

Build rural medical-career pipeline, not another medical school

Rural health

27 June 2017
The University of Sydney’s School of Rural Health is calling on the federal government to redouble its efforts to increase the number of doctors working in regional and rural Australia. Learn more

Explainer: What is a concussion?


22 June 2017
Dr Adrian Cohen from the University of Sydney explains what causes a concussion and how to best prevent them. Find out 5 things you might not know about concussion. Learn more

Researchers discover rare disease in Australia

Rare disease

21 June 2017
A rare infectious disease thought to be non-existent in the southern hemisphere has been discovered in Australia by researchers from the University of Sydney. Learn more

Responding to fetal alcohol impacts in children


16 June 2017
Children with fetal alcohol spectrum disorder (FASD) are more likely to fail at school, have attention problems and talk about killing themselves. Learn more

Celebrating Medical Research Week

Medical Research Week

30 May 2017
The Australian Society for Medical Research NSW team is partnering with Brain and Mind Centre and Sydney Medical School to host a range of events for Medical Research Week to raise awareness of the importance of medical and health research. Learn more

Why study Internal Medicine?

internal medicine

29 May 2017
Our Internal Medicine program is delivered in collaboration with the University of Melbourne and is the only degree of its kind in Australasia. Here are 6 reasons to study Internal Medicine at the University of Sydney Medical School. Learn more

Why study Metabolic Health?

metabolic health

29 May 2017
Our highly practical Metabolic Health program is delivered by international leaders in the field of diabetes and metabolic health. Here are 5 reasons to study Metabolic Health at the University of Sydney Medical School. Learn more

Discovery may offer hope to Parkinson’s disease patients

Parkinson’s disease patients

26 May 2017
Research led by the University of Sydney’s Brain and Mind Centre has found a protein abnormality linked to brain cell loss in people with Parkinson’s disease that is also present in some inherited forms of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS). Learn more

Top 6 reasons to study Clinical Neurophysiology at the University of Sydney

study Clinical Neurophysiology at usyd

25 May 2017
Our Clinical Neurophysiology program has been designed to help clinicians take the next step in their career. Here are 6 reasons why you should study Clinical Neurophysiology at the University of Sydney Medical School. Learn more

6 reasons to study Critical Care Medicine at the University of Sydney

study crtitical care medicine at usyd

25 May 2017
Critical Care Medicine is a highly sought after degree designed by critical care clinicians for doctors working, or planning to work, in emergency medicine, anaesthetics and intensive care medicine. Learn more

How to fund your postgraduate medical studies

How to fund your postgraduate medical studies

25 May 2017
The University of Sydney Medical School offers a diverse range of postgraduate courses to help professionals take the next step in their career. Find out how to fund postgraduate study at Sydney Medical School. Learn more

Boosting economies and medical careers in the bush

Doctors in rural NSW

2 May 2017
Sydney Medical School’s long history of training students in rural NSW is boosting local economies and the number of graduates who want to work as rural doctors. Learn more

Waist circumference better indicator of early death than BMI

Waist circumference

26 April 2017
Researchers have found that a person's waist circumference is more closely linked to early death than their Body Mass Index. Learn more

University wins funds to boost doctors in the bush

Rural training hubs

13 April 2017
The University of Sydney has won $3 million in federal funds to establish Rural Training Hubs in Broken Hill, Dubbo and Lismore to boost rurally-based training and career pathways for trainee doctors. Learn more

Why the flu vaccine is more important than you think

flu vaccine

12 April 2017
Flu vaccine won’t definitely stop you from getting the flu, but it’s more important than you think, writes Associate Professor Kristine Macartney. Learn more

6 things you didn’t know about sugar


7 April 2017
The University of Sydney recently hosted a Health Forum on ‘Big sugar’ where a panel of our experts discussed the issues surrounding sugar. We asked our panelists to give us their top insights into things we might not know about sugar. Learn more

Volunteers sought for genetics of depression study

Depression study

4 April 2017
Researchers are seeking adults who’ve been treated for depression to join a global investigation of the genetic origins of an illness affecting one in seven Australians. Find out more.

Researchers aim to prevent concussion deaths

Prevent concussion deaths

3 April 2017
A team of researchers led by Dr Clare Fraser and Dr Adrian Cohen at the University of Sydney is studying the causes, assessments and treatment of concussion in sport to prevent long term brain injury and death. Find out more.

ANZAN President discusses clinical neurophysiology coursework

Clinical Neurophysiology

3 April 2017
Professor Matthew Kiernan, President of the Australian and New Zealand Association of Neurologists (ANZAN), discusses the recently launched clinical neurophysiology coursework offered at Sydney Medical School. Learn more

Boosting natural brain opioids could be the way to treat anxiety

Natural brain opioids

23 March 2017
Boosting natural brain opioids may be a better way to treat disabling emotions, says new research revealing their role in regulating critical brain circuits affecting fear and anxiety. Learn more

$1m in fellowships for stroke prevention and mental health research

NSW Health Fellowships

22 March 2017
Four up-and-coming medical researchers have been awarded more than $1 million in funding to create and test new therapies for cardiovascular disease, mental health, substance use and mitochondrial disease. Learn more

Research spotlights early signs of disease using infrared light

Infrared spectroscopy

21 March 2017
University of Sydney researchers have used infrared spectroscopy to spotlight changes in tiny cell fragments called microvesicles to probe their role in a model of the body’s immunological response to bacterial infection. Learn more

Survey reveals cannabis use in Australians with epilepsy


10 March 2017
Australians with epilepsy are turning to cannabis products when antiepileptic drug side-effects are intolerable and epilepsy uncontrolled. Learn more

The six top chronic health issues affecting Australians: new research

The six top chronic health issues

10 March 2017
Hypertension (high blood pressure), osteoarthritis, hyperlipidaemia (high cholesterol), depression, anxiety, and asthma are the six most common chronic health conditions affecting Australians, new research reveals. Learn more

Brain research from the University of Sydney

Brain awareness week

10 March 2017
Brain Awareness Week (BAW), from 13 – 19 March, is a global campaign aiming to increase public awareness about the progress and benefits of brain research. In support of this initiative, the University of Sydney shares its recent updates and progress on brain research, detection and treatment. Learn more

Don’t relax FDA drug approval process, experts warn


9 March 2017
Experts are warning that moves to deregulate America’s drug approval process could see a flood of unproven and even harmful new drugs enter the market that could threaten human health.
Learn more

University of Sydney top of the class in health and medicine

2017 QS World University Rankings by subject

8 March 2017
The University of Sydney's medicine, anatomy and sports-related disciplines have been ranked number one in Australia and inside the top 20 worldwide. Learn more

University of Sydney researchers win grants to fight MS

Funding to fight against MS

7 March 2017
University of Sydney researchers have received funding to continue investigating causes and treatments of Multiple Sclerosis. Learn more

Women less likely to have heart health checked by doctors

Heart health

2 March 2017
Australian women are less likely than men to have heart disease risk factors assessed by doctors, a new study by the University of Sydney and The George Institute for Global Health reveals. Learn more

University of Sydney researchers win $2m to defeat cancer

Cancer test

2 March 2017
The University of Sydney has won a third of the funding awarded to researchers by the NSW Cancer Council. Learn more

Delays and confusion cloud roll-out of new cervical cancer screening program

cancer test

1 March 2017
The University of Sydney's Dr Jane Williams and Sally Wortley say a delay in the roll out of the new cervical cancer test may be beneficial in the long-run. Learn more

Act early to stop eyewitnesses from developing lasting distress

treating PTSD

23 February 2017
Dr Lauren Monds writes on the causes and possible symptoms of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, citing the recent plane crash in Melbourne. Learn more

International degree sees inaugural students graduate

inaugural students graduate

22 February 2017
The first set of students enrolled in the Master of International Ophthalmology (Vocational Stream) began their postgraduate degrees in 2012 and 2014. Late last year, those same students graduated from the degree and completed a placement at the Sydney Eye Hospital. Learn more

Early career female researchers shine in cancer fellowships

Early career female researchers

17 February 2017
Sydney researchers have received more than $6.4M to develop personalised treatments for ovarian cancer, investigate the link between sleep apnoea and tumour growth and improve the speed, accuracy and thoroughness of cancer diagnosis and treatment decision-making. Learn more

Researchers win grants to combat diabetes epidemic

Researchers win grants to combat diabetes epidemic

16 February 2017
University of Sydney researchers have won over $800,000 in grants from Diabetes Australia to improve the understanding, detection and treatment of diabetes. Learn more

New partners: University of Sydney and UNICEF Indonesia

University of Sydney and UNICEF Indonesia

13 February 2017
The University of Sydney and UNICEF Indonesia have established a Knowledge Partnership to improve the health and well-being of Indonesian children and young people. Learn more

ADHD: claims we’re diagnosing immature behaviour make it worse for those affected

Image: child in a classroom

8 February 2017
ADHD does exist and a warranted diagnosis offers help to children who are struggling due to this common, biological condition, writes Dr Alison Poulton. Learn more

Health and medical researchers receive $30m from NHMRC

NHMRC funding

6 February 2017
University of Sydney researchers have received more than $30 million from the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) to develop new and improved treatments for dementia, cancer and alcohol disorders. Learn more

Physical health of people with schizophrenia needs action

Physical health of people with schizophrenia needs action

6 February 2017
Australians with schizophrenia die 25 years earlier than the general population, University of Sydney researchers reveal in today’s Medical Journal of Australia. Learn more

Professor Roger Reddel wins medical research award

Professor Roger Reddel

25 January 2017
The Royal Australasian College of Physicians has awarded the Neil Hamilton Fairley Medal, 2017 to cancer researcher, Professor Roger Reddel. Learn more

‘Weekend warriors’ less likely to die from cancer, cardiovascular disease

Weekend warriors

10 January 2017
Physical activity patterns characterised by just one or two sessions a week may be enough to reduce deaths from all causes, cardiovascular disease and cancer, regardless of adherence to physical activity guidelines, new research reveals. Learn more