Westmead honours students awarded University Medal

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This year, three students in the new Applied Medical Science Honours program at Westmead have been awarded a University Medal. The annual award acknowledges the outstanding academic performance of honours students at the University of Sydney.

The three Westmead-based awardees achieved a SciWAM (science weighted average mark) of over 80% and an honours mark of over 90%. The recipients and their honours research projects are:

  • Sing-Young Chen
    HIF1a and the response of high fat diet-fed beta-TRAP mice to glucose challenge, supervised by Professor Jenny Gunton.
  • Amanda Chen
    Investigating the role of the DNA damage response in regulating telomerase recruitment to telomeres, supervised by Associate Professor Tracy Bryan.
  • Orion Tong
    Characterising the role of plasmacytoid dendritic cells in initial HIV infection - a double edged sword?, supervised by Dr Najla Nasr.

Orion Tong also achieved a mark of 97%, the highest honours mark in the Faculty of Science across the University.

The students are among the first cohort to complete their honours degree through the new program delivered at Westmead, one of the world’s largest health and medical research precincts.

About Honours at Westmead

The Applied Medical Science program at Westmead provides students with unique opportunities to conduct research that has a meaningful impact on the health of our community. Students are supervised by leading research experts at state-of-the-art facilities in hospitals and medical research institutes.

The course is suitable for students from a science-related discipline and offers a broad range of medical science related projects ranging from basic research, clinical research, public heath, allied health and social sciences. It is an ideal program for those considering higher degree research, medicine or working in the medical field.

Applications for Honours at Westmead are now open and are welcome from students with a relevant bachelor’s degree from any Australian university or equivalent, with the option of mid-year entry available.

To find out more or apply to study in 2018, visit Westmead Honours Program.

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