Appendix 1: Definition of "health information"

In this Act, health information means:

  1. personal information that is information or an opinion about:
    (i) the physical or mental health or a disability (at any time) of an individual, or
    (ii) an individual's express wishes about the future provision of health services to him or her, or
    (iii) a health service provided, or to be provided, to an individual, or
  2. other personal information collected to provide, or in providing, a health service, or
  3. other personal information about an individual collected in connection with the donation, or intended donation, of an individual's body parts, organs or body substances, or
  4. other personal information that is genetic information about an individual arising from a health service provided to the individual in a form that is or could be predictive of the health (at any time) of the individual or of any sibling, relative or descendant of the individual,

but does not include health information, or a class of health information or health information contained in a class of documents, that is prescribed as exempt health information for the purposes of this Act generally or for the purposes of specified provisions of this Act.