Fees and Refunds


The below fees apply to ALL medical students and must be paid prior to final confirmation of your placement.

Application Fee
This fee is paid once a placement is allocated on your behalf and you have been notified by email.

AU$100.00 (non-refundable)

The Application Fee can be paid by Visa or MasterCard online here.

Elective Fee
The Elective Fee is charged once we have confirmed your vaccinations are compliant. The Fee is due no more than three weeks after your vaccination approval and you have received notification.

AU$900.00 for an elective of up to 4 weeks
AU$1,100.00 for an elective of 5 to 8 weeks
AU$500 per week for an elective over 8 weeks (including the first 8 weeks) for example, the elective fee for a 16 week placement would be 16 x $500 = AU$8,000.00.

The Elective Fee can be paid by Visa or MasterCard online here.


If a student wishes to postpone their placement, this may be possible (depending on availability) as long as the student provides at least 3 months notice and as long as the new commencement date is within 12 months of the previously confirmed commencement date. If the Elective Fee increases during the deferment period, the student is liable for the difference.

It is the student’s responsibility to make contact in regard to a new placement once the next year’s placements have been released. If the 12 month deferment period lapses with no new placement commencing, the Elective Fee becomes non-refundable.


Application Fees
These fees are non-refundable and non-transferable.

Elective Fees
If a student cancels their placement, they may be eligible for a refund, depending on the reasons for cancellation. Generally no refund will be granted, unless their reasons for cancellation are deemed exceptional.
If a student’s reasons are deemed exceptional, a refund will be granted for the clinical elective fee only, based on the date of notification of cancellation and the following table.

Date of Notification

Refund Amount

Six  or more months prior to the start date of your placement

75% of the Elective Fee

Less than six months and more than three months prior to the start date of your placement

50% of the Elective Fee

Three months or less prior to the start date of your placement

No refund

Payment of refunds will be made within two weeks of a refund decision being notified to the student. Payment will be in Australian dollars (AU$) and made as a refund to the credit card used to make the original Elective Fee payment.


If a student is not satisfied by the decision made on a refund of fees, they can submit a written appeal to the Associate-Dean of the SMS-Northern.
The appeal will be considered by the Associate-Dean or their nominee, and the student will be informed of the result of the appeal within 14 days of the receipt of the appeal. All appeals should be sent to:

Sydney Medical School – Northern
Level 7, Kolling Building
RNSH, Reserve Road
St Leonards, NSW 2065