Northern Clinical School - Kolling Building

Kolling Building
Kolling Building Sign

The Northern Clinical School relocated in October 2008 to the new Kolling Building at Royal North Shore Hospital. This building is currently the largest and most up-to-date structure housing research and education facilities on a hospital site anywhere in Australia.

A particularly advanced feature of the building is the sophisticated IT and audiovisual installation, allowing for videoconferencing in most of the larger teaching spaces, as well as some of the meeting rooms. This allows great flexibility for conducting educational sessions and administrative meetings within the University, across the Northern Sydney Local Health District, and to interstate and international venues.

The building also provides an above-ground connection to the clinical treatment areas of the new acute hospital, with a bridge link at level 5. The ground floor opens on to an outdoor plaza which will eventually provide a ground level public space for movement around the rebuilt Hospital campus.

The ground floor, called level 4 to align with the corresponding level of the future hospital, houses the Douglas Piper Library, as well as student facilities, and accommodation for the Medical Illustrations Department and the support staff for audiovisual and information technology services. A spacious foyer contains a reception desk and information station.

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